Main defense team

Im trying to mix up my main defense team, currently im mostly going with kunchen, gravemaker, heimdall, onatel and fenrir. I might change up which hero to emblem but i really want to keep heimdall instead of telluria. Any suggestions? I think i want to max skadi and give her the monk emblems and evelyn for the ranger emblems

Great team first of all.

I know you said you would keep Heimdall but your best defense team is Freya/Sartana-GM-Telluria-Skadi-Joon.

This is my opinion. Hope it helps.

I wouldn’t be able to emblem both skadi and joon though, unless i emblem them only partially

You could play with 2 red in defense but you need mana troops on both.

Like Fernir-Zim-Telluria-GM-Joon

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All do I would reset Zim for Freya and play:


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First option : keeping same lineup but different setup :

Onatel - Kunchen - Heimdal - Gravemaker - Fenrir ( better position in my opinion - more people will benefit from Kunchen this way for defense down slash attacks and specials, when Fenrir goes off, he has better chances to find a target with 50% hp or less if he casts special lasts.

Next options :

Queen of hearts - Kunchen - Heimdall - Gravemaker - Onatel ( Queen and Onatel on wings can win you battle and they help eatch other if everything else already died.

3rd option : Onatel - Zimkitha - Telurria - Aegir - Gravemaker (faster version of other 2 options and with more utility (cleanse, def up, attack up, shared dmg, etc,…)


Minion option :

Queen of hearts - Aegir - Telurria - Freya - Onatel

You basically cant die :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill definitely try that second or third option, given i can get more paladin emblems for queen or aegir

Freya and telluria do have a nice minion combo, plus i have a stronger purple mana troops than i have a second red mana troops.
Maybe ill try Freya-GM-Tell-Skadi-Onatel

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That would be very good team to play defense. Good luck.:four_leaf_clover: