Defensive team-Vela Nerf help

I was part of the problem but ran it anyway Seshat-Grave-telly-vela-drake-maxed emblems. With the vela super hard nerf the GTV era seems like it is coming to an end.

Looking for some insight from experienced top ranked players who raid in the 2700-31 cup range, is vela dead? Should I replace her with C-Magni or alasie?

Have Posideon/Jabber at 80 ready to go, also have black knight. So my questions is what defensive team?

Seshat-grave-telly-c magni-drake (or costume joon)
c-magni-grave-telly-ursena-drank (or costume joon)
jabber-black knight-telly-alasie-posideon

or any other combos you think may work. All insight is appreciate to keep contending for top tier raids and wars.