Best formation for defense team?...and in the future?

hello game mates … I would like the help of you to know what the best defense training at the moment and in the near future … @Kerridoc @Rigs @Razor would be happy with your comments … from now thank you all … .


Yellow/Purple tank/flank combinations are the most resistant to colour stacking. Therefore I would be tempted to have Kunchen at tank with Onatel and Drake Fong at flank. On the outside I’d have Zimkitha and Gravemaker. You get some value out of the elemental links on Drake. Onatel, Zim and GM.


Eventually you’d wanna sub Ariel in somehow

Another option could be Aegir tank. You’d want red flanks so Gravemaker and Zimkitha or Mitsuko. You can have whatever fast assassins on the outside you want like Joon, Drake Fong, Sartana, etc. Joon and Sartana are my favs out of your choices.



Thanks a lot my friend…excelent…

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Yellow tank with 2 purple flanks = good

Purple tank with 2 yellow flanks = not as effective

Yellow tank with 2 dark flanks works because there is only a couple of yellow 5s that hit multipe and do damage at fast and average mana(drake, onatel)

The holy elemental debuffer(jackal) only targets 1

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Are we talkin war or raid D?

Defense only…

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Rigs means defense on War or defense on Raid.

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Ok just meant defense for which feature since both can be formed differently due to different factors but just for general defense i guess I’d go

Alby magni kunchen drake gravemaker i think is what i would go with though another sniper could be better in the mix but still see the defense dropper + 1 sniper + 2 small AoE being pretty effective, gm works at wing due to very fast mana, magni will make kunch ridiculously tough to bring down, and of course alby cause well he’s alby and i think him and kunch could work well together. Drake cause he’s yellow next to kunch, and his skill is pretty solid in utility at blinding 3, solid damage after kunchen debuff is applied. And of course kept it rainbow to make it harder to color stack


Alberich Kunchen Aegir Gravemaker Drake would be my most versatile defense.

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Albi - Magni - Kunchen - Grave - Drake


No kashrek?

20 lizardlovers


Nah. He she did not show me she has the lizard chief. :rofl:


Slow on outside is bad. Takes 15 turns to charge up their special if they aren’t hit by tiles

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I was inspired by you to do this…

I am have about 1800 cups in average

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Nice! Do you have any hero that hits multiple at average or faster mana?

I thought why not put rigard near slow justice and he will heal him and prolong the fight… Magni will make defence shield and then others will join in… even yhou boldtusk looks a bit on the side on the side…

Mayeb collen or li xiu or tibertrus or elkhanan

Thank you for your ideas…

I have this…

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zim would take the place of alby … would it be correct to change the emblems of alby to zim? …

zim drake kuchen onatel grave …

sad for Alby

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Do you like kelile? She might be good in that corner. Colen is too slow(typically more than 1 slow on same team = quick death). Of course I’d max your titan heros before defense Heros, defense as is will work for now

Before i will use keily which i have 2. 20 i will use khagan wilbur boldtusk or anzogh…

And anyway i use bt so second red is no good here

Why her?

I have hansel and magni so fast snipers

And jackal foe titan. Also with titans i use wu kong wilbur and bt so they do the work. Maybe i will ascend scarlet for her special i have non

But why keily?..

I can put elkhanan insted of hansel or tibertrus or Proteus instead of rigard…

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