Need help with setting up best possible defense

Hey guys,

I would like to hear some suggestions regarding the best possible war defense set up using the following roster please.
I really appreciate your input!
I also have Richard and Master Lepus maxed, but don’t fit in the picture.

First question. Does your alliance use a coordinated tank color?

I edited the title.
I am not asking for war! Asking for general defence!
Sorry about that

Then I would go with Zimkitha, Kage, Aegir, Kunchen, Joon

Sorry switch around Kunchen and Kage

Seshat - Zim - Kunchen - Aegir - Elkanen

This is war only defense.

Kage, Zim, Aegir, Onatel, Seshat

Zim, Kage, Ona, Sesh, Frida/Lepus

Tarlak, Aegir, Kunchen, Onatel, Seshat

Tarlak, Aegir and Kunchen would work well together: the first boosts attack, the second heals the amount of damage you deal and Kunchen lowers defense (and cures the party). Onatel for some damage and mana control, Seshat is the sniper with dispel and minions for additional attacks and sturdiness

Joon - Kunchen - Santa Claus - Onatel - Seshat

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