LF> Team Help!

This is the team I have been using currently for defense and Titan hits.

Here is what I have for units.

Any suggestions :wink: be fantastic. Offense/Defense/Raid/Titan
Tysm :two_hearts:

You can’t just use one team for Titan hits. You need to change up your team depending on the Titan. You have Wu Kong though, so that’s a great start. He’ll be on every Titan team you assemble. Generally you’ll want to stack your team with the strong color + Wu…ideally adding a buffer like Kiril/Boldtusk and a defense down hero like Grimm/Gormek/Wilbur/Tiburtus.

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To continue that thread, my typical titan team is as follows:
Attack buff (Kiril/Boldtusk) of strong or neutral color
Defense debuff (Grimm/Tibs/Gormek/Wilbur) of strong or neutral color
Elemental defense debuff (Panther/Jackal/Falcon /Arthur/Evelyn) if available
2 strong color fast hitters

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