Help in who to choose

I need help on who to ascend or if I should hold off and wait for a better hero down the road. I have enough mats to ascend one blue and one red hero.

I would go grazul (Maybe because i would like to have her and she is good telluria counter) and Magni (I also would like to have him🙄) but isarnia is close ( did I mention, that I would also like to have her) especially with costume.

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I agree with Sh3r1ff. Grazul and magni.

If you have a vela and a GM hidden somewhere ascend them with telluria instead :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I had gm, that is why I wonder if I should hold off and see if I can get someone better perhaps

Gm is coming in Antlantis rise of May. If you wanna spend money this is gonna be the right time, considering the HotM too.

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