Blue: Miki or 2nd Magni and Red: Marjana or Grazul

I have 6 rings and 6 scopes, now which is better to ascend 1st based on my rosters.
Currently I’m finghting Titan at 8* - 9*. And Miki survive very good, also very useful (sturdy 3.70) for event challange. For red, I think Marjana is great, but Grazul is also great support.

Here is my current roster so far:

So, which one should I ascend 1st, Miki or 2nd Magni, or Throne or wait?

  • Miki
  • 2nd Magni
  • Thorne
  • Wait for the others

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And for red, which one should I ascend 1st, Marjana, Grazul or wait?

  • Marjana
  • Grazul
  • Wait for the others

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Need advices, thank you.

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Would suggest you keep your scopes - Miki until 12* is quite ok on 3/70, no point in 2nd Magni at this early stage of. Don’t know if you are going to do pulls in Jan but Vela is HoM + belielve Misandra will be featured in Atlantis and believe either will be better than 2nd Magni.

Re red - difficult - depdnding on your playing style I would say - have Marjana maxed and frankly not using her a lot - almost never outside war. Have Grazul at 3/70 and love her, so for sure will max her. 6 tiles protection is super cool.

My 2 cents.


I suggest giving Marjana your rings. Marjana is not the strongest of the basic snipers, but she is still quite good and really needs to be maxed to contribute as she should. Her attack stat is so low for a sniper that her special barely tickles at 3.70. Grazul is incredible, but her skill won’t improve any further at this point, so you’d just be improving her toughness, along with her mediocre tile damage.

As for your scopes, I’d suggest waiting on making a decision for a bit. None of your options are a must, so I think it’s worth holding off while you are leveling various other 5*s. Miki really is just fine at 3.70 for the titans you are dealing with. A second Magni wouldn’t be bad, but if you come into a new unique hero soon, such as Misandra or Ariel, you’ll definitely be glad you didn’t give the scopes to Magni.

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Given you’ve maxed Anzogh already, I would choose Marjana.

I’ll vote Miki as well, for the sake of some variety. If you ever get Frida, Thorne will be a good choice too.

Sidenote – holy :poop:, that green and purple bench you have is niice :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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OK, thanks.

OK, yes I already choose Anzogh 1st for my AW tank, here is the my last thread: Which Red should I ascend 1st, for Tank AW.




Well, what should I do with holy? I know the lists is not the best, and I know Neith is not great, but I will try her at 3.70 for a while, and later I will wait and maybe ask again in forum. And I already ascend Vivica over Neith.

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I would consider Gretel myself if you’re low on darts. She’s not as good as Hansel, but still a very solid hero :slight_smile:

Or Pixie, if you would rather have the same kind of hero for 3* tournaments.

Okay… thats in my plan, she is in my 1st list, she come late in this month event. I already ascend Neith before getting Gretel. But I still have orbs for Gretel. And pixie is also in my list if Gretel at tier 4.40 and up = need only 2* feeder, then 1* yellow goest to Pixie, after Arman maxed… thanks :+1:

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Miki for blue. He is awesome with titans and I will probably ascend mine when I get the scopes even with Wu Kong and Ranvir maxed unless I get Isarnia’s costumes, then it would be probably her. Wu Kong and Ranvir cause me miss often and for higher titans stuns are important, so Miki is much better and you can mana potion him there, hence no problem with slow mana.

Marjana for red, as you already have Anzhog who can heal.

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Miki will go a long way. Not sure if you will be upgrading to another alliance. You never know.

I voted Grazul for the fact I like using her since she is great for offense.

Marjana would actually be the more versatile choice. Snipes / tough stats / rogue.
She can fill any role in any situation from tank to wing and defense/offense.

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I’ve got Grazul and she isn’t that good. Being “very fast” is in fact not much faster then fast. :slight_smile:
Her healing is pityfull and protection wears of too quickly.
She needs perfect timing.
You’ve got Anzogh for healing, so Marjana should b 1st

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