Help with choosing

Hi to all!
I’m playing this game not for too long time, so don’t have a lot of ascending resources and I need a little help for choosing whom to ascend first of my 5* blue heroes.

  • Magni (have costume)
  • Glenda
  • Athena
  • Richard
  • Perseus
  • Raffaele
    Who of them will be more variable for me, in every situation… (pvp battles in general)

I can recommend Athena. It is very useful and universal hero for any parts of game.


This is really tough especially if you are early in the game. for me Athena is the best option as she is good at titans and regular raids and tourneys. She is The titan specialist for Reds and other colours as well except green.
The next best card will be Magni + Costume. Again any hero who drops defense is a must have.
You can simply ignore Perseus and Richard from the list as they wont add value until you have a deep roster. Perseus is a BIG no.
I would do Raffaele after these 2 if you dont get better heros as he is a one of kind healer and can be very useful on offense


For raids I’d want magni the most. But Athena is super unique in her skill and will have a positive ROI through better loot. Depends on which you value more.


I agree with Athena option, C-Magni is also amazing, but he will eat more mats than Athena.

After athena I´d do Raffaele, unless you have Kiril.


Yeap, Kirill on max :wink:

You should LB him as well. He is soooo good after the LB. Lives long enough on the 48K meta


I love Kiril! Probably my most used hero.

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fast mana sniper will long last. useful in any aspect of the game