What to do next?

Looking for some advice from people much better than me at this game.
I currently have the following team maxed, or very close to max:
Purple: Rigard
Yellow: Li Xiu
Blue: Grimm
Green: Melendor

Which 4* of each color should I focus on next? I have the following at 3/60…and I can ascend one of each color.
Purple: Proteus, Cheshire Cat, Tiburtus, Ameonna, Sabina, Cyprian
Yellow: Wu Kong, Gretel
Blue: Kiril, Agwe, Triton
Green: Hansel, Caedmon, Gadeirus
Red: Wilbur, Boldtusk, Scarlett, Kelile

I have Gravemaker (3/28), Red Hood (1/1) and Athena (2/33) as my only 5*, but I would like to build my 4* depth first…essentially getting 2 fully maxed 4* teams. I’m also two rings and two scopes away from fully ascending them anyways. I think Proteus, Wu Kong, Kiril and Hansel are the winners in their respective colors, so should I level Wilbur as Boldtusk is somewhat similar to Kiril?

I also have a boatload of gems saved up. Based on my roster, should I do a 30 pull in Atlantis, or should I wait for Guardians? I really think the Guardians heroes can help me as I do tend to color stack a lot, but if Ares is really the returning HOTM, I think a BT, GM, Ares, Wilbur, Red Hood stack would be pretty sweet.

Any advice is appreciated!!

The order you have your 4*s in looks great to me.


Those would be my first to max.


Definitely Proteus for purple!
Definitely Wu for yellow!
Definitely Kiril for blue
Hansel vs Caedmon, as having more than 1 dispeller is important in my mind. With Melendor maxed, if your Sabina is at 3/60 and usable, Hansel would be my choice but if Sabina is still 1/1, then Caedmon would be my choice.
For red, even though BT is a beast, Wilbur will make your life so much easier. And you are maxing Kiril, so BT can wait.
As for your pull, you already have the 2 best 4* available in Atlantis, so i think Guardians could be a better choice. Jackal and Falcon will help a lot your titan score. And if you land Panther as well, it’s jackpot :partying_face:
Good roster and have fun :wink:


I agree that since you have Triton, Wilbur, Proteus.You might do Guardians this time. Falcon Jackal and panther are special hero’s and you’ll get a lot out of them. I’m hoping to get Panther this time.

Nice heroes u have there… I agree with ur picks in purple, yellow, green and blue, Bold could be the most obvious pick for Red and it is a must anytime, but since u already have Melendor Rigard and plan to max Kiril as ur next blue project I will go for Wilbur, which it is another game changing hero…Dont get me wrong BT was my first *4 maxed and u will max him for sure in future but u have already 2 healers maxed and plan to take a third, Kiril, so BT could wait a little bit.

About gems and pulls I am in the same situation, I have decided not to pull on Atlantis this time and saved gems for Guardians, I already have Jackal maxed, have no problem to get a 2nd or even a 3rd, plan to go for Falcon, and even chances are pretty low, it would be wonderfull getting Panther, elemental def down is probably the most useful skill, it helps to increase your titan scores and paired with the correct heroes u can take tanks on raids more easily… eventually Ares will come in the future but since.u are focusing in ur *4 roster (so do I) Falcon and Jackal could help u in the short term in many areas of the game… IMO

So you’re telling me I shouldn’t chase Gobbler? Lol…honestly, I don’t think he’s that bad given the minion meta that seems to be permeating this game.

As an impatient player, I’ll still do a 10x pull in Atlantis, and wait for the 30x pull in Guardians. August 8ish?

My only concern with Wilbur/Kiril is that Kiril’s Defense overrides Wilbur’s better defense up. I’ve been caught a few times where I have Wilbur already fired, and then Kiril comes up a turn or two later. Most of the time, I’ll need the heal, but I’m essentially halving my defense buff by doing so. Doesn’t seem to be perfect synergy there.

Agree with @Killen-time @Lambeau on the clear winners and while I think kiril > Triton, because the OP already has rigard and Mel maxed, I would do Triton first then kiril.

Triton is a very good 4* sniper which his roster lacks but overall solid roster.

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I’ve really coveted Falcon since my Red Heroes are fairly strong…but those free ascension mat’s with every 10x pulls could help me in the long run, no? I’m at the point where these mat’s are becoming a choking point for me.

Kiril and BT are not the best synergies either :wink:
And has stated, you already have Mel and Rigard for the heal, so Wilbur will be of better help right now than BT imo.
And you don’t have to use Kiril and Wilbur together if you don’t want. I mean, for the healing, Rigard and Mel do it better and the +defense is already covered by Wilbur.
Wilbur will make you run through S2- normal and Hard mode :relieved:
I am currently finishing hard mode with Rigard-Proteus-Wilbur-Melendor-Wu and it isn’t an issue.

in my honest opinion it would be:
Purple - Proteus
Yellow - Wu Kong
Blue - Triton then Kiril
Red - Wilbur first then Boldtusk
Green - Hansel

As an update, I had an itchy finger this morning and succumbed to a simple 10x pull…ended up with Horghall and Ares! I’m not so sure about Horghall and his slow mana, but he’ll be a good backup tank for wars.

Now…about those mystic rings?

Ares is the Top1 Red Tank… since u are focus in your *4 roster, while waiting for rings I woud max Wilbur and take BT to 3.60, then take Ares and GM to 2.60. Decision about which of them get first 6 rings would be once u have an idea which other *5 heroes u will set as ur first rainbow, maybe u r lucky and get Guin in 2 months in Avalon and go for GM or Aegir in future Atlantis, if not Ares will be your logical tank, that boost in crit and attack plus healing over time makes wonders in many arenas…

In my honest opinion I would focus on the following:
Purple - Proteus
Yellow - Wu Kong
Blue - Triton because you already have Rigard and Melendor
Green - Hansel
Red - Wilbur then Boldtusk

Proteus = Wu Kong > Wilbur = Boldtusk > Tiburtus > Kiril = Triton = Scarlett > Sabina = Kelile = Caedmon

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