Same Ol’ Question...Who Should I Ascend

Here’s my roster, I’m leveling all my good 5* heroes to 3/70. Assuming all are already at 3/70 and I have mats for one 5* hero in each element, who should be next to ascend in each element?


my favorite are ;
Second team are;
P in B
Lady of Lake

That is my opinion and my taste but I could be wrong… good luck.


Purple – Sartana & costume OR Clarissa. I ascended Kunchen and I 100% regret it… he’s just too slow & is massively outclassed by costume Rigard…

Yellow – Guardian Gazelle… No contest here nor is anyone even close :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve only gotten to play with her in Beta (never lucky enough in live game) but I can 100% say she is possibly the best support hero available for raiding…!

Blue – Finley or Master Lepus. Lepus does some hectic “point and shoot” damage while Finley is arguably the best wing in the game, even with a second blue at flank (like Vela for example).

Green – Heimdall or LotL I think… Either one of those will give you a great support hero/ healer to use off-colour in wars. Mother North is another great option.

Red – Tyr. He’s currently the best available sniper in the Red Faction. Will probably be surpassed by Gefjon in a couple months time but even then I would say that you won’t regret Tyr on offence.


Domitia with costume, Gazelle, Finley, MN, Azlar with costume.

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I find Tyr to be subpar. He doesn’t hit hard. Marjana is better IMO.


Agree with all the choice… but… Tyr is not sniper :sweat_smile:

His main strength is not damage dealing but survival.

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I like these suggestions, but even with me having Alby you suggest one of the healers next for green? Even over Kadilen’s costume? LOL I love LotL’s minions but Heimdall can revive, boost attack AND extend health beyond the max so he sees like the better option of the 2 @Guvnor

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Best first and 2nd choices for me would be :
Purple : 1) cSartana 2) cDomitia
Yellow: 1) gazelle 2) cVivica
Blue: 1) Finley 2) lepus
Green : 1) Heimdall 2)cKadilen
Red: 1) Puss in boots (cause you have freya) 2) cAzlar

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So this just happened…

Does that change anything for the next red ascension?

For my choice, no. I’d still do Tyr first :slight_smile:

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I agree with Tyr first. Puss + QoH is a strong combo tho, esp if you have two lvl 23+ mana troops).

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I just got her, does this change the order for nature heroes to ascend?