Help building the best defense team (two options)!

Hi guys,
I am trying to build my 5* defense team in the best way possible, trying to ascend heroes that can be also useful in other aspects of the game. the fact is that I have an unleveled Guinevere, and it is a pity to see her stay on the bench.

The options are:

  1. Mother N. , Misandra, Ares, Drake, Sartana
  2. Mother N, Misandra, Guinevere, Ares, Sartana

Which one is the best?

Ares and guin is a superb tank. If u put them on flank, they will not be effective.

If you choose rainbow team, then choose no.1

Team number 2 isn’t effective as there is already guin on tank, and ares on flank isn’t so scary and make U lack of offenser.

However, ares and guin worth it to be maxed, u can change your tank between those 2.

In summary, i prefer no.1 right now for rainbow team, but if u got another 5* red offenser, then make guin as ur tank.

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Actually I have Zim, but prefer to ascend Ares first.

Team 1 is more balanced while team 2 is more Guin reliant since you only have 2 hitters.

I have to say that I would max Zim before Ares!! Hands down! But that’s besides the point. I would go with
Mother North, Misandra, Guinevere, Sartana, Drake
Unless you maxed Zim!! If you did that I’d go
Mother North, Misandra, Guinevere, Zim, Sartana
The second one is just nasty! Mother North to revive and heal while also giving you meat shields, Misandra does good damage and has the potential to hit 4 times, which is devastating, and each time she hits adds Mana to your whole team which is why you want her there. Guinevere… well Guinevere!! Zim is awesome! She cure’s all status ailments from everyone and gives you an attack boost and then Sartana would get that attack boost and basically one shot kill almost anyone she hits because she’s already hitting really hard!! But that’s just my opinion LOL!! Based on the heros you have you probably know all that already LOL oh and by the way… I’m super Jelly of the mother north and Guinevere :rofl::rofl:

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