Suggestion for the last slot of my rainbow 5* defense team

Hi guys,
I hoped for GM to appear in Atlantis portal this month, but he didn’t :frowning:
Now I have the following maxed defense team:

Mother N. - Misandra - Guinevere - ??? - Sartana ,

and I want to level up a Red 5* hero. The question is : Ares or Zimkitha? I saw that she is ranked as a B, but looking at many top defense teams, it is not rare to see her. What do u suggest?

If your goal is purely your defense team, move Sartana to flank to soak up dark tiles that miss Guin, and ascend Zimkitha for your corner spot.

Ares is wasted as a flank for Guin, since she doesn’t do any damage with her special, and because the two HOTs will overwrite each other.

If you’re looking for a good choice on offense, though, I’d take Ares over Zimkitha.

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I could ascend both…but I wanted to save rings for GM :frowning:

Definitely save rings for GM. He is hands-down the most generally useful hero in the game right now :slight_smile:

so better ascending zim and save for GM or ascend ares and save for GM?

Ascend both.

Or do you want to save sth for a hero that you might never have?

Rings are coming easier than Gravey imho… If you’ll ever get him, you’ll probably have another bunch of rings…

This is a good point :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Ok. I reread your OP. You don’t have GM yet. So…ascend both Ares and Zimkitha. Even when GM shows up, he’s only going to be a 0.3%-ish chance to pull. Unless you’re prepared to do 500 pulls to get him, plan for not having him.

No 500 pulls planned at all XD

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Zim kitty is a great flank regardless of what people say especially beside guin. If your allaince is doing coordinated tanking ares is a ■■■■ good red also will help with your titans.

So the best set up would be: M.N- Misandra-Guin- Zim- Sartana?

You want that attack buff and cleanse earlier so i think its better for Zim to stay in flank after M.N.

Best team order really depends on what you care most about.

Left Corner:

  • MN to rez the rest of the team early in the firing sequence so people who died with full mana get shots off in the current turn.

Left Flank:

  • Misandra to help build mana for the rest of the team, possibly boosting someone else enough to fire their special
  • Zimkitha to provide an early cleanse and attack boost for the rest of the strikers

This comes down to personal taste basically. Zim is more reliable of an effect.


  • Guin unless you’re coordinating a different color. 'Nuff said.

Right Flank:

  • Sartana to provide sniper shots. As a purple, the strong tiles for an anti-Guin stack are weak against her, and will charge her quickly. She will take less damage at flank than your other fast-mana options.

Right Corner:

  • Zimkitha or Misandra, whichever you didn’t put at left flank.

I personally like MN-zim-guin-sartanna( because they will likely stack dark and this will help sartanna go off being strong against dark)- misandra. Just my opinion

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Yes exactly what @Garanwyn stated

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