Help building a def team

I’ve only played for 4 months and still learning. Help me build a solid def team with what I have pls. Who should I use?

For quite a while your defense team will be the same as your attacking team until you get depth of maxed heros built.

For now I would say Joon Khiona BT Hansel Kiril. I would prob replace Kiril with Sonya when you get her maxed.

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I suggest you to empower to 4.80 your legendary heroes before changing this team, when you’ll level up Zimkitha swap position between Blue and Red, putting Kiril as tank.

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Thank you for responding!

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4 meses y tienes tremendos heroes de mucha calidad… se ve que le metes $$$ al juego jajaja pero bien por ti y subelos todos de nivel

Zim - Evelyn - BT - Hansel - Joon

BT - always a solid tank for 4*
Eve - dispels and green debuffs up to 3 heroes
Hansel - benefits from Evelyn and mana cuts
Zim - fastest cleanser in the game
Joon - power sniper and viable even at 3/70 due to his high attack stats

I am not recommending a rainbow team like most but this is what I think is a solid make up with your current roster. You have some nice heroes but you gotta level them first to 4/70 or 3/70 then perhaps you can ask again some time later.

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