Def team, please help

Hi, what heroes should i use for Def team? Right now Im focus max out evelyn.


Some tips about your heroes if you want
I see you doesnt have mats for max your 5*, take Evelyn to 2^60 and make 2 rainbow 4* teams.
Grimm is very good, ascend you 3^60 Sonia
Sabina to 4^70 next Tiburtus
Kash is your best tank(probably for long time), next ascend Buddy. Evelyn and Mother Noth were very good. IMHO you should ascend Mother to 4^80(not now ofc) and Eve to 3^70(she dont need max to be useful) dont think about Elkanen bit keep him.
Max Gormek and Scarlett (if you get Boldtusk or Wilbur ascend them first)
I think I see HuTao down, he isnt very good but still better than Bane

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I have just started playing. Where do I look for basic game play tips? Example: some of my heroes have maxed out the upgrade but, can’t assend them. How do you build a second team? Guess I need to find out how to play. Where would I find that?


Thanks, this was very helpful now ive got a plan, much thanks!

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Thank you for your adviser on beginners. I have been searching the forums for a while and finally found this.

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