How to Build a New Defense Team?

Hello All,

I have been primarily using the defense below for the better part of 4 months now:

Overall, it has done ok for me. It generally keeps me in diamond comfortably, but I am wondering if it is too passive. I have recently maxed a few more 5* and am thinking I could use an overhaul. My biggest problem is lack of yellow (Joon has eluded me in TC20 and costume chamber).

Here are the heroes I have maxed or at 3-70 (no rush to max them):

I am considering something like this:
Mother North - Zimkitha - Richard - Kage - Leo

Should I scrap healers altogether and get Lianna in there? Should I go hitter heavy and replace Zim with Marj? Is killhare worth putting in on D? Can someone give me a better yellow? lol

I think you have lots of options to try fun combinations.

I know he’s not maxed yet, but Atomos is headed for a major upgrade - average mana speed instead of slow coming V30 (still in beta). If you maxed him, you could hit very very hard with:

Zim - Isarnia - Atomos - Snow White - Killhare

Switch in Ariel for Isarnia if you’re worried about healing, but w/ that lineup, I wouldn’t.

Oooh, that is an interesting combo there. I hadnt thought of so many AoE. No snipers wouldnt be a problem?

I like that this hides Leo as a weak point. Worst thing I could see is Snow White cleansing all of the good buffs (but that would mean her special hits harder).

I have been watching the rebalance closely. I would like to see Atomos reviews with average speed before rushing to max him. I think he becomes a lot better, but I am not sold on him being a must ascend yet.

I think easiest thing would be to switch Zim with Marjana. This way you eliminate the redundancy of the double cleanser and have someone who hits harder (although just one hero). Another option would be switching MN for Lianna… but you would completely lose healing when Ariel would be taken down and the reviving.

If you had JF, I would consider him instead of Zim and Killhare: most likely JF would fire before KH and flip her defense malus to a bonus.

One of the biggest “problems” I see is that you have just one hero suited to be a tank (that being Richard), but that would mean to change your setup completely and possibly leaving out Ariel or MN. But personally, I would not switch exchange Ariel for him.

I know he doesn’t get much love, but an option could be to have Elkanen as tank (although he would need quite some emblem): sturdy, fast, attacks three and self heals. In that case, I would go with Zim - Ariel - Elkanen - Kage- Leonidas.

Check out also Atomos when he will be revised, he may be an option

I wish I had JF, I didnt try super hard during his month but my HotM luck has been very poor in almost 2 years of playing.

I was actually excited when I got Richard and his costume because it mean I finally had a decent tank. I got Justice a while back and never felt good enough about maxing her. I like my lineup for offense as I am able to stack pretty well, but lack a stellar defense.

I also have the problem of having TOO many clerics. Ariel, MN, Grazul, Elk, SW all are clerics. I went all in on emblems for Ariel until I got MN and then brought her up and I like them both having emblems because on offense I need them. (not to mention Hansel would be awesome if I could emblem him beyond 1).

I liked using Elk quite a bit when I got him (first green I was able to max), but now he only gets used in mono stacks. I hadnt thought of him in a defense.

Well now I got Clarissa to throw in to the mix. It will take me a little bit to get her maxed because I dont have any damascus blades.

I guess I should have clarified too that our alliance uses blue tanks. So building the best war defense is also a priority. Currently my war Def is set same as my raid Def.

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