Recommendations to improve my defense

I’ve got 3 rainbow teams of 3 stars and I am finishing up my 2nd rainbow team of 4 star heroes. I have, essentially, a 5 star rainbow team at 3-70…except heimdall I advanced a little further. I would like to make at least another rainbow team of 4 stars. Who would you pick? I think it should be Sabina, Mist, not sure for green (I was thinking of Brynhild), Sonya with costume and Scarlett.

This will give me some depth, though I still think my defensive team will be Grimm, Rigard, Heimdall, Wilbur, and Chao. Any thoughts? Would you make any changes? What do I need to make my team better? Chao and Grimm to be my main damage dealers and Rigard, Heimdall and Wilbur to keep me in the battle and provide support.

I’d prefer Joon over Chao and if you added Kiril instead of Grimm, you could in fine use Sartana as a fast sniper on the wing. That’s what I’d do, with the attack bonus from Kiril as tank + Def down from Wilbur, Sartana and Joon can destroy all the opponents’ heroes in one shot, one by one. Grimm’s def down buff overwrites Wilbur’s def down. Sure Kiril’s special defense buff overwrites Wilbur’s but that’s less of a problem that way.

Sartana - Kiril - Heimdall - Wilbur - Joon (if not now, maybe when the 5* are fully ascended)

You have three Tellurias… You should level those as well…

Your roster is incredible, tbh.

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Wait, Heimdall boosting attack, maybe someone else than Kiril… I’d say Richard who would debuff the opponent’s heroes

Could you please also post a screenshot of your currently available ascension materials?

And one advice: stop making pulls, you have plenty of good heroes, work on ascending them


I have backed off on pulls. I do a 10 pull per event and whatever I can get for free with the coins. I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of heroes I have.


19 compassas, 20 fine gloves, 24 hidden blades, 7 orbs, 13 sturdy shields, 5 trap tools, 8 warm capes, 11 telescopes, 6 rings, 4 darts, 3 tabard, 0 mysterious potions…used them on heimdall. 5 tomes and 6 d blades.

I did plan on putting Joon and Sartana in the lineup eventually. Sartana needs more trap tools and Joon needs darts. I also want to build up a base to be more useful in wars so I wanted to work on at least another set of 4 star heroes.

That would be the best course of action, building a base of 4s for wars. Concentrate on those and leave the 5s aside for now.

Red: (Boldtusk), (Wilbur), Scarlett, Sir Lancelot, Gormek

Blue: (Kiril), (Grimm), Sonya (and costume), Triton, Boril

Green: (Little John), Caedmon, Melendor (and costume), Brynhild, 2nd Caedmon

Purple: (Rigard), Tiburtus (and costume), Sabina, Ceshire Cat, Cyprian

Yellow: (Chao), Wu Kong, Mist, Li Xiu, 2nd Mist

For what regards your defense team, it’s tricky, as some of your current ascended heroes overlap in terms of abilities… lemme think about it, I’ll come back to you

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I think that for now it’s better if you keep team 1 for defense. Once Heimdall and some other 4s are finished, you can start working on a different set up.

Alternatively, you may go Joon, Boldtusk, Heimdall, Grimm (if you emblemed him defense/life to make him sturdier) and Sartana, although I don’t like having unfinished heroes on the defense team

Main problem right now, you miss heroes that can pack a punch. Even if is always advisable to create some 4s teams first, I would suggest you to fully ascend Joon and Sartana as soon as you have the materials

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Thanks. Unfortunately I am missing royal tabard and darts to complete join or Sartana. I have tibertus with costume now completed. I have what is necessary to ascend Richard but Magni is better…and unleveled. I need a telescope to be able to do both. I could ascend Elena, but I might want to save my mats for JF . I have some work to do but at least I have a game plan and a decent team.

Magni and Richard fill different roles, not necessarily the first is better… depends also on what you need on your team.

But considering that sooner or later you’ll be wanting to max Telluria, Magni would be better suited on your team. Also, he’s fighter class and wouldn’t be a competitor for paladin emblems with Telluria.

Not a big fan of both Elena or JF, if you want to go with one of the two, go with the musketeer. I suggest you to read the topic about him, so you can get an idea about him. Eventually, you can take him to 3/70 and play with him and see if you like him or not.

To conclude: yes, having a plan in this game is vital. One of the most common mistakes is to start a hero, then something else comes on your way and you start doing it, forgetting about the first one. And so on… this behaviour has just one result: you’ll find yourself with a bunch of half levelled heroes who are not very useful.

Of course, if you get something good you can change your plans, but first always finish what you started and then eventually modify your priorities.

It would be also good to have five teams of 3s (one full team for each color): they would be useful for events and in your current status also to take down “injured” teams in war.

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Thanks again. I currently have 3 rainbow teams of 3’s. I was planning on eventually building 5 of each color…eventually. Once I start working on my 5* heroes, I find that feeding 5*'s only 1’s becomes more food expensive. At that point, I will feed the 5’s only 2 stars and higher and feed the 1 star feeders to the 3’s. I at least have the ability to color stack during tournaments.

Oddly enough, I drew Jabberwock yesterday. I still don’t have the mats to ascend him, but he will eventually be a great addition.

For sure, Jabberwock is nasty. I would level him before Sartana.

A full mono 3s team is more useful than appears, especially for events. I just finished leveling a 6th 3s for each color for variety.
Consider that 3s don’t require particular materials to be ascended and you finish them quickly… just complete a full team for each color and then move to 4s

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