Helo Frosty, Goodbye Frosty?

So I generally try to keep my roster relatively small as I hate paying gems for roster space.

I have both Frosty and Helo that I haven’t levelled yet as other blues have been more of a priority.

Cant see myself ever needing more than one blue 3star healer as will only use in events or tourneys.

Of the 2 Helo looks better due to the cleanse.

I always like to check I’m not doing something ridiculously dumb though, so can anyone give a reason why might use both?

Link to heroplan is HeroPlan.io


I’d like to know as well. A few months ago, I had 2 Frosties, one maxed and highly emblemed, the other untouched. Then I got Helo, who is also of average mana that cleanses but doesnt summon minions. Helo got me to feed my second Frosty to one of my project legendary heroes.

Basic stats:

Frosty: 441 (att), 523 (def), 783 (HP).
Helo: 457 (att), 505 (def), 799 (HP).

Frosty is rogue while Helo is druid. Both heals at the same rate: 32%.


I’d keep them both and when you have HA10 leveled and research, free up space retraining your dupe 5*s.

I believe in you only need one of each hero unless its a 5*, then I would keep 2.

You don’t need to keep every hero either however it doesn’t hurt to have them both?

This I disagree with. Some heroes demand multiple duplicates such as Costumed Rigard, Proteus, Boldtusk, C Kiril…


Yep. Even my 3* heroes, I have maxed several dupes: Rudolph (4; planned to eliminate some of them), Gato (once 4x, now only 2), Hisan (4; planned to eliminate some of them), Nordri (2), Bjorn (2), Kvasir (2), Guardian Bat (2), Arman (2; planned to eliminate one), Bane with costume (2), Vodnik (2), Bauchan (2), Vlad (2; planned to eliminate one), and Squire Wabbit (2). Plan was always delayed, because my roster space is not in critical level yet.

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KInd of interesting as Frosty and his minions are spectacular (after Kvasir of course). Helo is just a Gato upgrade (but I have one)

My advice to you, is spend the gems on roster space. Cheaper than 1 x 3* feeder.


Thanks for the thoughts everyone.

@Neano yeah, I am basically disregarding HA10 as it is currently for the cost of the retraining I am likely to get another either dupe or S1 when it could create a lot more feeder heroes instead to level those I have I dont need. I am very close to just feeding a lot of my dupes away keeping a single dupe of S1 in case of costume and the top class ones Eg Poseidon, Tyr just incase.

I do keep a number of dupe 4 stars to give depth for war hits, Ninja Tower etc which is why I have the extra Rigards, Caedmon, Sonya, Mist, Proteus and the like. I haven’t fed off excess Griffins yet as until I get levelled and try him not sure how many I will want, but I do see him as potentially very useful in VF format against elena, sif or Ursena tanks so I may want a few for depth.

@sft1965 sorry I’m a bit confused with your comparison to Gato?

Helo cleanses status ailments for all allies, Gato just does his friends but snipes one rather than Helo’s heal all. Helo is just ordinary imo. (and Gato sucks while Frosty is great)

That won’t help if he’s looking to save roster space, because his dupe 5-stars will only be replaced by other dupe 5-stars or (much less likely) new 5*s he’ll want to keep - so no spaces will actually open up due to HA10.

Back on topic: I’d definitely keep Frosty. The minions he gives himself and adjacent heroes are invaluable in bloody battle tournaments. If you can pair him with Rudolf, you’ll have minion coverage for 4 heroes on your team.


I’d keep both, 1 of each can be used for low levels of TOL and NT.
Plus the family bounus for season 4 hero’s could come in handy for 3* tournament.

@Ultra : I had same 2 Frostys & fed one away when got cleansing Helo, who I see using more than anyone else, bcoz, that gives me a benefit of not forcefully taking a Tyrum…

I would keep Frosty for minion play or double heal play… which is fun.

About roster space, if one really wants to enjoy the game with a collection of heroes, a little bit of roster space expansion is useful…
one is NOT pulling & is F2P… then the roster space needs would be limited = no expansion needed.

I would level both, but full disclosure I have bought many many roster expansions :rofl:

Game refused to give me a single frosty (3 Carols instead :angry: ) and he kicked my butt in a recent tournament.

If a situation begged for a blue cleanser I’d use Helo, otherwise when stacking blue I’d use frosty

Can’t have too many choices in healers…

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Thanks for reminding me. Yeah, that was on my thought when S4 first started. My question is, will Morris be worthy to keep so that we can have all S3 rare heroes in raid tourneys bar elemental prohibition. I’ve checked his thread and the reviews are not that inspiring. I am still currently working on Poppy (I plan to get 1 or 2 more for raid tourneys mono attack), Vollermork (who can serve as a tank) and Gramps. Will work on Helo after I am done with my current blue 4* project. Very very hesitant with Chuck Morris to max, I. Close to feeding him off to one of my 5* projects.

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There will be more S4 3*…

Minions are essentially overheal, with free attack. Frosty > Helo.


Ahh. Good to hear. I have no idea as I am not in beta.

While I agree on this, I’d prefer the snowman because his minion can also possibly evict multiple Fiends.

Another consideration is that if you make a mistake and decide you wanted both after all, you can take another stab at Helo every time the Underwild gate opens, whereas you can only try for Frosty in December.


Well, I use Frosty in the Rogue trials, so he’s useful for that.


Good point. I think he’s better in every way. But I still kept and maxed both. I buy crazy amounts of roster space though.

A lot of helpful stuff. Thanks folks.

Should prob address the roster space bit first. I currently have 135 limit, of which about 10 to 15 is room for feeders. I am not using gems on hero summons currently so it is all from free pulls from game just now. Gem spend is going on troops to improve them ( and to maybe finally get a 4* blue)

@sft1965 not sure I really agree with the comparison, but dont think it would ever really be a question between using Gato or Helo most often choice would be one healer or another.

So it comes down to cleanse vs minions @Ultra you mention the friends counter. Have I missed something about a 3 star fiend maker? Not been keeping as up to date with the beta beat threads as normal. If there was its be a definite consideration.

I hadnt considered using the minions from frosty as pseudo heal in bloody battle but that’s a valid point and as @Gorann says there is more often availability for S4 than xmas so chance to get Helo again if do feed him away.

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