Limit break Frosty?

I’m F2P and the only other limit broke I have is Poppy. I didn’t play correctly when I started I didn’t keep 3 stars because I wasn’t aware of the benefits of having multiple teams at multiple rarities, etc. So since I’ve learned and been working on it, here is what I have. I have just enough material to limit break Frosty, but is it worth it? Since I don’t pay stuff aether is hard to come by for me, especially since I can only get so far in rare quests.


Are you able to post a screenshot of your roster. It would help us identify which heroes are best to focus on.

My Frosty is at max and has emblems but I didn’t LB him because I have better healers etc

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I carry one limit broken healer in each color. I use Helo because I got him before Frosty, but if Frosty was my only one, I’d limit break him, assuming you use him.

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Frosty is one of the few Rogue healers, so I still use him in the trials. He’s worth limit breaking. That’s another consideration.

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helo is better to LB than frosty because of the cleanse

Three stars will come back to you so don’t worry too much about that. Aether are really scarce so I would definitely be very selective and you did the smart thing and asking for guidance first. But over time through events and everything you will get enough tokens and stuff that restart Heroes won’t be an issue for you for long. But with three and four star Heroes I would be especially selective becaue there’s a lot of good ones but very few great.

Screenshots are especially helpful.