Thinning the 3* herd

I am slowly running out of space and don’t plan on spending any cash or gems to buy more at this time. Does anyone have a current list of the Rare Heroes with grades? Most of my usual places to check haven’t updated in a while and they don’t have a lot of the 3* listed. I am just trying to get rid of the stinkers that I might currently have so I can make some room.

Ones I am not sure about are Jack, An-Windr, Guardian Bat, Agnes, Pixie, Melia, Arman, Poppy, Helo, Frosty, Nordri, Vodnik, By-Ulf, Hisan, Vollermork, Skrekok

Some of them I have multiples of,

Thanks for any help you can give,

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I have most of those but haven’t leveled any yet but Poppy, Nordri, and Helo. All 3 are worth leveling - Poppy hits hard, Nordri is the only blue elemental def down in either 3s or 4s, and Helo has cleanse. Nordri & Helo I limit broke & +20’d. Poppy will get that treatment someday.

For the others, here’s my impressions from reading the forums;

  • Jack - OK
  • An-Windr - poor
  • Guardian Bat - don’t recall seeing much mention either way
  • Agnes - good
  • Pixie - great
  • Melia - great
  • Arman - no idea
  • Frosty - great, better than Helo (but I don’t have Frosty to say for myself)
  • Vodnik - poor, but maybe OK?
  • By-Ulf - no idea
  • Hisan - rarely mentioned
  • Vollermork - poor
  • Skrekok - rarely mentioned

All or most of these have dedicated threads with lots more collected opinions too, should you want to dig in deeper than what you get for opinions here.


Out of that group, the must haves are Pixie, Melia, Agnes, Poppy, Helo, Frosty, and Nordri. Pixie is a 3* Hansel, so great for the 3* tournaments as a mana controller. Nordri is my only blue elemental def down and use him on titans. 10* currently. Frosty is my only heal all Rogue, so I use him in the Rogue trials, LB and emblems. Helo is one of the few 3* cleansers. Agnes and Poppy hit hard, and Melia gives a nice crit boost. I have An-windr, Arman, By-ulf, and Hisan who are fine and will use the odd time. I also have Vollermork who is kind of useless.


Keep: Pixie, Melia, Poppy, Helo, Frosty, Nordri

Feed: Jack, An-Windr, Guardian Bat, Agnes, Arman, Vodnik, By-Ulf, Vollermork

Undecided: Hisan and Skrekok

I’m confused by some of these heroes you were unsure of like Nordri. Why were you unsure?


There were a couple I knew were decent but just wanted to see peoples opinions of them or if there was any of them I should fast track level.

Thanks for the info so far!

I’ll have to disagree on Vodnik. I have him him fully blem’d and LB. Once you kill one of the opposing teams heroes, he just keeps getting stronger. Pair him with Nordri and he’s devastating.

Vodnik is one of the most underrated 3* IMO.

Arman, he doesn’t do much unless the opposing team is stacked with healers, otherwise, he stays on the bench.

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Will you elaborate on this please?

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Sorry, I got that wrong. Eff, don’t know where by brain is today.

Deals 280% damage to the target
The more mana, more damage etc. up to 400%

Full stats on LB & Full Blems:

Attack: 587
Def: 577
HP: 1045

I use him all the time in 3* tourneys since he is fast speed. Hit a hero with full/almost full mana at 1/2 health is almost always an insta kill.


My suggestion:

Jack - Unsure
An-Windr - I hardly use. Probably ok to feed
Guardian Bat / Pixie / Vodnik - Keep! You’ll need all of them for the new Challenge Festival
Agnes - I hardly use. Can feed away
Melia - Keep! Useful for 3* challenge events, raid tournaments, and even Mythic Titan
Arman - Probably ok to feed if you’ve other slow 3* holy
Poppy - Keep! Useful for raid tournaments
Helo - Keep! 3* cleanse is rare. Can only think of C-Tyrum
Frosty - Keep! 3* healer + minions
Nordri - Keep!! Elemental defence down never goes out of style
By-Ulf - Can feed away if you have Grevle
Hisan - Can feed away if you don’t compete in challenge events
Vollermork - I like him but I basically only use him for very fast 3* raid tournaments. Ok to feed
Skrekok - I vote to keep him. Useful for raid tournaments, challenge events


Yea. I was really excited to get him. I thought he would be a king in 3* tournaments. But no. Even in rush attacks, where I thought he would be a god, he is still very very average.


I’ll put my 2 cents in for Skrelok since no one seems to know much about him. I personally LOVE him and he pairs amazingly with costume Brienne. He is essentially a red non-costume Brienne in that he increases attack and then ups the attack with each hit they take. The one downside it is only to him and nearby heroes but putting him between Poppy and Nordri, and throw C. Brienne and Grevle on the wings (or a purple of choice), and it is amazing. The damage for those two heroes flanking him (plus any subsequent hits from him) are a lot higher.

If you use another attack up, though, I believe they overwrite so you’ll want to make sure to fire Skrelok 2nd.

I do like using Skrekok. This is mine:

Since he was buffed along with the Villans family yesterday, I’d consider LB it too.

Does Arman have any use in VF tourneys? I have one on the bench thinking maybe he could come in handy but I’m not even sure…

:thinking: Now that the Challenge Festival arrived, and thankfully SG removed the horrible chicken curse for non-CF heroes, I’d say Pixie is the only one I strongly suggest to keep.

I’m liking using Bat, and Vodnik for the Challenge Festival. However, both Bat, and Vodnik may not be as versatile as other dark 3* and ice 3*.

That written, I’m definitely keeping my Bat, and Vodnik (for both collection purpose, and use sometimes). :crazy_face:

I use him in rush attack only. he has decent damage and is a fighter so he revives. it is very niche of course and I’d feed him away if I’d be short on space.

Vodnik’s especially nice in rare on the current Challenge Festival as well - with +20% and no reflect.

I haven’t used him is so long, your best bet is to just try him out. I can only say that I have seen him once on someone’s defense, but can’t remember if it was VF or not.

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