📯 Heimdall – Season 3 Hero – 5* Nature/Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Agreed, that is an awesome skill; however, his 45% attack boost is nothing to laugh at…


Heimdall is a viable tank, too.
My def wasn’t able to beat him.
He’s a paladin like Telly - def up.

Then I attempted with mono blue.
Was very close, but did the job.


Finished the new ‘normal’ levels of Valhalla earlier and started my evening session by picking back up on where I’ve reached on the ‘hard’ (province 2, stage 4). Those 5 tokens pushed me up to 100 so I got one of my cats to put her paw on the screen and do a single summons and she got me Heimdall. :smile_cat:

Have been playing since August, had only drawn 1 HOTM by the start of Feb but, since then, the 5* have been arriving quite rapidly and I now have 6. The only issue - can hardly call it a problem - is that 3 of those are green. Might be a while before I get this one levelled. Lianna or Telluria or Heimdall? What a difficult decision. :blush:


For me it was Heimdall vs Lianna…
This fight was won by the God as he brings an unique element to the table - heal beyond max hp(resurrection is a bonus). I have few snipers so my lianna need to wait for another set of tonics.
And Telluria - she is just brilliant defensively and offensively (I’ve put comment in beating 4600 section)

So getting back to square one…for me it would either Heimdall or Telluria…I would bring both to 3/70 and decide albeit Heimdall is slow and at 3/70 while raiding he had a tendency to die :frowning: Telluria with average speed is little bit easier to play with :slight_smile:
Regardless of your choice - you wont regret it…
You just need 18 tonics right now :slight_smile:

Lianna was my first green and she’s already at 3/70 as I didn’t have any decent 4* alternatives. I have 6 tonics but only 1 shield so she’s been holding there anyway. On top of that I have her costume to level too. It’s still fairly early days as far as my 5s are concerned. Will wait a bit to see what I’ve got and what I need. Heimdall is currently my only 5* healer.

I need so much green and purple fodder right now. What I really want/need is a new/decent yellow. I’m currently getting some little 3*s maxed while I wait.

@Rowan1, it didn’t look like anyone tackled this question, so I’m happy to answer it.

Yes, Heimdall will overwrite Black Knight. In the future, I recommend using DaveCozy’s excellent (and regularly updated) thread on Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments. You can see on the Berserk buff line that it is overwritten by, among others, attack boost.

Edited to add: oh, I see it was answered, but I missed it on an initial skim. Well, I’ll leave this here since the thread reference should be valuable to you.


If your tenure is short and you still need to get 3* teams maxed the leave all 5* because they will bleed you dry :frowning: Having such dillema is a privilege but chasing five stars will slow you down significantly. Better focus on 3 and 4 stars and the time will come for 5 stars…
But when you get enough shields I would invest those into Heimdall because he will be great help on map levels / titans or quest :slight_smile:

I have a fairly robust group of 3 and 4 star teams and now and am starting to complete events that were not possible a month or so ago.

However, the yellows I’m looking at now are either 4* repeats or those 3* I had dismissed before now - like Dawa. Yup! Dawa. She is actually my current yellow project simply because out of almost 50 4 and 5 stars I have exactly ZERO Rogues. Before I started moving Dawa up, a fully maxed Layla was my highest in that class.

So yes, I’m ‘mostly’ following the ‘3 then 4 then 5’ rule but, like everything else in this game, it does tend to be a matter of working with what I’ve got (or what I haven’t got! … YELLOWS!)


But, to get back on topic. Plenty of greens now … and purple.

Thanks @IvyTheTerrible

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Gives incredible amounts of health. Can’t wait to give him my next 6 tonics.


My life hack on using Heimdall. Turn it on after Ariel. Look at the health of the heroes! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: It could be another doctor. Team survival 100% guaranteed. And, by the way, he resurrects quite often. I am delighted with this uncle. :heart_eyes:


Arktika, hello)
Yes, I am from Siberia, but moved to Moscow)

And I want to ask you about one more video) It seems than you have Heimdall) Can you review it in comparision to Telly, especially with Vela?
My GF was very disappointed when she cannot have Telly from 100 pulls (I got one from 20), and I want to direct her to get Heimdall instead)

That’s ridiculous! 100% more max health is too much to be honest. It should be capped at 50% IMO.

That’s after 3 or 4 casts though - of a slow hero. If you have the time to do all that, don’t you think the win should already be well secured?

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So why is this guys Special SLOW, but Telluria is AVERAGE ?

Telluria is way stronger and hes very annoying as a tank, his special needs to be reduced to SLOW or even VERY SLOW.

Because of this:


Telluria is slow as well. She would be way too powerful if average.

She actually is Average:

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What?! Well my bad. I coulda sworn . . .
Dang, well I feel that’s too fast a speed for the pain she inflicts. But there it is. I’ve got her, just haven’t touched her yet cause of others in line, since I need to work on offensive greens more right now.

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Telluria is not way stronger. She maybe slightly stronger on offence just because being average, and that’s all.

On defence she is stronger, yes. But this is not a reason to cripple her in offence.

But Heimdall’s heal will not blocked by Malosi or Salmon Loki/Kvasir.

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