Thoughts on my roster

I’m looking for thought on my roster and help with a problem that I’m going to have very soon. I’m currently running a 3-2 offense of: Mother North, Tyr, Heimdall, Evelyn, JF. I have great success attacking with this roster. Not so much on defense I guess bc of the slow mana speed of MN and Heimdall. My conundrum is: my Telluria will soon be leveled. Should I still with Heimdall or switch to Telluria? I love the dynamics of my team with three resurrection and two heals but is it good enough or would Telluria make me stronger. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Quite often too much healing is not a good thing on defense. Also, having three green on defense is a super easy win for the attacker. I’d probably stick with Heim and MN if you must have 2 green. If you can put a solid blue between them that would be most ideal in that situation.

For defense right now Telluria is the Tank of choice. She is one of two I reroll the most (the other is Ursena).

It is better to avoid duplicating colours in defense, though. It makes it easier for the offense to stack against you.

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