Heimdall and Telluria as a flank advice

Looking to improve my defense team. I have been able to pull both Heimdall and Telluria. This is more of a long term strategy as I am nowhere near being able to completely level either of them (Telluria is unleveled at this point, but Heimdall is 4-16.) I know both of these heroes are Tanks but I was wondering advice if I put them as flanks… Is this a bad idea???

If it is not a bad idea…who would you ideally want to be in that tank position? Which color or which hero do you think would best be suited in this role.

Of the two, Heimdall will probably function BETTER at flank due to the health boost & attack buff… Telly really is great on defence because she fires at average speed as a tank & provides survival/protection to the flanks & wingers by hanging around… Going into flank she loses much of this benefit as she’s now the sheltered hero.

I personally really advise against putting BOTH in as flanks because a) it creates an easy colour stack and b) it puts two very passive heroes in the flanks…


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