Having a hard time winning raids? Try this


Thank you for all the tips and info, I enjoy raids but also get very nervous when I am repeatedly matched up to someone that is 300-400 TP stronger than me. I am learning to “work” my heroes, though. I still love the Titan hits, then raids, and last war (lol). I cannot wait until I have a full-strength roster of heroes leveled up and ready to mix and match. It will be even more fun, I’m sure!


one thing is important too… know your heroes! and know your enemy heroes. if you have slow heroes and opponent has fast ones, it might be hard to beat.

and ofcourse when trying to knock down the enemy tank, use two or three opposite color heroes for doing that. The rest is walking on sunshine… usually :smiley:

my win/lose ratio in raids is about 80/20. i win most of the time with my altering team (most of the time it’s Wu, Merlin, Red Hood, Azlar and Aeron/Vivica).

here’s the best tip for your future raids: GET MERLIN! Merlin is pure gold agains enemy heroes. I believe next event is going to be the Avalon and i’ll definetly hunt another Merlin for myself.


if i’m not mistaken, zero or anchor from the 7DD alliance made a vid about raids and he also praised Merlin big time.


and one another good tip for winning raids, get Merlin!

ok i’ll stop now :slight_smile:


over laughter, to hide the cement face. I explain it to you in another way, 2 days ago, to fill a chest, I made a raid, almost equal, similar teams, I won 26. I dropped it to 1500 and, today when it has been avenged, it has taken me away 57. Do you think it’s normal? we do not talk about diamond, but it is not normal, to 1800 find a gui and 3 5 * complete with 3600 because they let it fall to the comfortable and are legion. you to your own, justify your shamelessness


I use single color teams and raids are extremely easy. You get the occasional bad board but normally a mediocre board is an easy win. If my opponent has two of the same color I use the opposite team or if it’s a rainbow team I go opposite the healer. I just ignore their strength because it doesn’t really matter.


I’m confused as to what you are responding to as I haven’t posted in this thread in months.

But yes, totally normal. They cup drop (and maybe your cups increased), and dropped cups at such a rate that they claim 57 back. Happens all the time to me.


Glad you could understand that.


I responded to the only part I understood, which was gaining 26 and losing 57.

I’m not sure whether being a cement face is a compliment or not. I choose to believe it is.


Agree 100% with Vivenna. There’s a pretty comprehensive post titled “Raiding in the top 100”. It has actually 3 parts in separate posts. I read this and it completely changed the way I raid and I climbed immediately. On most raids I go in with 2 or 3 colors only. Colors picked to destroy tanks usually. And before you think what if you get a bad board, don’t take my word for it, read the post I mentioned and try it for about 20 raids and see for yourself.

Bulk up on two colors to win in general, and if you are trying to climb cups play above you. When climbing cups I generally am facing teams at least 300-400 cups above me to get the ratio I want.


I agree with you. During tough times of famine I end up having to take on much stronger opponents. Here’s my priorities when at a severe disadvantage:

  1. Combos always, but avoid hitting healers and buffers.

  2. Pick off healers first then buffers with specials.

  3. Target heroes in the back on the sides with specials. They’re the hardest to hit with tiles when they’re all that’s left.


I agree completely with targeting the folks in the back and sides though - the middle and flanks are impossible to miss, but the wings are a pain in the beginning! :slight_smile:

Personally, I always target healers last - if I can eliminate their “offense” - Snipers and AOE heroes, then there really isn’t anyone left to worry about being buffed/healed, and I can take all day to finish off the healers. (Of course, this backfires frequently depending on the board/combos, or lack thereof. )

Everybody plays differently, that’s for sure! :slight_smile: