Bultusk on talent grind

Hello everyone had some questions on this. I have seen some people have only level 8 on bultusk yet they have above 900 for their shield and I have used the upgrade tool from TM and can’t get to that level. If anybody knows how that is possible please I would like to know what I’m doing wrong thank you.

Not sure how they have it over 900. If you are looking at opponent in raids remember to take into account the bonus automatically given to defence teams.

This is mine at +20. I have still to finish the costume but that is not priority for me currently.

That’s what I have. Ok I didn’t know they give them extra points. Why is that; that they get extra bonus added to their attack, shield, and health.??

Defenders will always get +20% on top of their stats in raids.

Neither with nor without costume Boldie will have 900 def.

That bonus isn’t shown in the displayed stats, what’s actually causing this is the Troop.

Stats from Troops are applied and displayed in the info window when tapping and holding on an enemy in a Raid.