Hardest / Best Tank - March 2020 Edition

Hardest Tank to Defeat - March 2020 Edition

Updated thread from @mogulemon to determine who you believe the “Hardest Tank” to defeat is.

There are:

  • some returning champions (Boss Wolf, Kunchen, Guinevere, Ursena & Aegir);
  • some old hands (Hel, Drake Fong, Gravemaker)
  • some underdogs/ uncommons (Yunan, Onatel, Rumpelstiltskin, Santa Claus)
  • and some new-comers (Heimdall, Costume Vivica, Telluria, Black Knight)

:speaking_head: Feel free to comment & discuss what makes them the hardest…

Is it the hero themseleves? Their Flanks/Wings? The fact they don’t die? The Effect they have on your team?

The Poll Itself

I have put the poll into the Top Comment of this thread so it can be updated / edited / removed as time progresses & new contenders arrive.

Click HERE to get to the poll to VIEW & VOTE


March 2020 Hardest Tank Poll (V1)

Who do you find the hardest tank to defeat?

  • Aegir
  • Black Knight
  • Boss Wolf
  • Costume Vivica
  • Drake Fong
  • Gravemaker
  • Guinevere
  • Heimdall
  • Hel
  • Kunchen
  • Mitsuko
  • Onatel
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • Santa
  • Telluria
  • Ursena
  • Yunan

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dang that is a lot of options and I literally have only one of those heroes :rofl:


I feel lucky to have 1/3 of them, but the one I really want I haven’t been able to pull (ursena). That being said tellie has been tougher for me to face, unfortunately I don’t have really strong flanks to run her with when she is maxed.


I still hate Kunchen the most, but maybe that’s because my yellow options are my worst. :man_shrugging:


Lucky you… I have none after two years… still, I don’t see that as a major setback. Just a bit more challenging keeping my cups up. As for the OP, right now, Telluria tank Vela flank by far…


I imagine beating telluria will be easier with malosi out next month. Until then, there really is no easy counter, need a cleanse and dispeller ready by the time she fires. The worst is the HoT. You try to sink more tiles into her, but with HoT and the minion, she survives long enough to fire second time, just after you had used the cleanser and dispeller. And now, you can’t charge anyone.


Telluria by far because she has a lot going for her at average speed. Once she goes off she is very difficult to deal with.


I raid exclusively with mono purple. I take on any Kunchen tank I see without hesitation, even without a single yellow on the team and up to one or two other purples in the wings. My win rate against him is very good. He is much better in wars, though, when everyone else is running purple tanks as well and you can’t just use your best team on every single hit.


Purple tanks has the disadvantage of purple being good against Ursena. So you can concentrate your yellows against Kunch (and others if you need to). But they are all good tanks and I love that Tell finally makes green a viable color again. Right now she seems to be what players have the hardest time against, but hopefully its only a question of time until we have more equal numbers in polls. Also hope the next good tank is blue, so we have a couple in each color that are viable and attainable for the masses. Then I guess its time for yellow again :-)! Maybe Justice´s costume will take that spot?


I have 4 of those heros
Mainly i dont have the green depth to take him out, and i usually take Aegir to beat Aegir or survive long enough to beat him. And really at the end of the day, you can beat any of those, its all about the boards :grin:


Hard to choose this way…
Sinergies do matter a lot when building the attack team…
I I just went with defense stats mana speed and special… So individually the hardest tank to come back if they fire for me are right order yunan boss wolf telluria…
But looking at current sinergias and overall I think telluria followed by boss wolf (with the right sinergies) are the hardest tanks to recover from


I have 1/2 of them – missing her costume.


I haven’t faced all of these tanks and a lot of them are dependent on their flanks for true effectiveness. Aegir can range from pretty easy to irritatingly hard depending on the rest of the team.

In isolation, and with only limited exposure to Telluria yet (which could change my mind), I would say Ursena for me. She is the closest to being a reroll on her own. But that is entirely based on my own roster and skill set. If I had Hel, or even Proteus, that could change drastically.


I have most of them but not BK and Drake which I would really like to have. Mainly for offense though.

Telluria is easily the hardest one by far. New addition so many gamers have not figure out the best way to deal with. Her average speed and many specials at once was the biggest factor.

I was surprised how the beta testers over hyped on Jean Francois being OP but not Telluria.
Few hours ago, Telluria tanks occupied 7 of the top 10 spots and 17 on top 20 worldwide.


I’ve found a way to beat guin and ursena.

But for telluria, she is the hardest one. Even stacking 5 red doesn’t really work


I’ve been struggling with Telly too, to the point that I’m seeking out Telly tanks to try different hero combinations, so I can try to find something that works


Not gonna vote since I think hardest and best even in this context is too difficult to define.

That said, I’m not at all shocked to find Telluria in the lead for two reasons:

  1. She’s new, so people haven’t yet figured out how to beat her. Contrast this with the fact that every late game player has an anti-Guin team (and often more than one for war). The heroes and strategies that will best counter her aren’t as defined and practiced (and also to some extent probably not yet even released).

  2. 100% anecdotal, but the Telluria’s I’m seeing are almost invariably deeply emblemed and flanked by Vela and Gravemaker or Jean-François. That’s a much better trio than, say, Kunchen flanked by Magni and Joon. You could say that means Telluria has better complements (which in my opinion is a valid criteria for ‘best’ tank), or that those who have her are most likely to be heavy spenders and have a stronger overall team. If both teams I listed were around 4,200 team power I’m not sure Telluria would be better by much or at all, but that’s not the reality. The former team example is more likely to be 4,500+, while I still see plenty of the latter in the 4,000 - 4,200 range. That is, Telluria is more likely to end up on stronger teams, independent of whether or not she’s ‘better.’


Just a little digress, is this Telluria a she or a he, the card says Forest God…should it have been Forest Goddess?

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