Best Tank of 2019 Poll

So, which tank do you all think is the best/hardest to take down/most punishable?

  • Ursena
  • Guinevere
  • Santa
  • Kunchen
  • Aegir
  • Onatel

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Aaaaand… we’re off!


How were these heroes chosen?


Why there are no Boss Wolf and Yunan? Are those not worth in 2019 ?


Where is my BK ? :sob:


Personally haven’t run into too many BK’s and those that I have have been okay to deal with. Yunan, Ursena, and Santa give me the biggest problems.


I wanna know where the hell is margaret?


She dodged the poll.


Of these I have the most issues with Kunchen and Onatel.


Atomos or no one else.


For me it comes down to wars, none of em are as big of a pain to off color stack against than guin in my opinion

Which is why I’m actually comin up with a plan to run trip darks on 6 teams. No other tank we’ve faced in wars has made me consider such a thing


Guin is still the Queen, but Ursena and Kunchen are close…


These heroes were chosen based off of discussions I’ve had with people regarding good tanks over the past few days.

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Think margaret should have been an honorary mention based on her solid reputation

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Honestly I feel like Onatel is more dangerous than Guinevere. Seshat, Kage, Ursena and Victor are all more effective against the latter than the former.


Ohhhh TOUCHÉ @nevarmaor!!! I’m impressed, and stuffy with this ■■■■ coffee all up in my sinuses. Well done Sir, well done indeed :joy::rofl:


Ursena is a tough one for many raiders. They stack yellow and get a bad board…they are having a bad time.
I really think they all are good depending on their flanks, you can have the most OP tank in the game and slow, useless, flanks and get destroyed easily. I find it tough to pick one.


I haven’t had problems with Kunchen since I brought my Jackals up to emblem 15+ each. I love rolling on Kunchen.

Ursena, Santa, and especially Guin, are punishing if they fire once on my usual stacks.

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I’m surprised Guin is still considered the toughest. You have no idea how happy I am to even find a Guin to attack. I’m sick to death of purple tanks. I spent a year building up my roster to deal with yellow tanks and then people stopped using them. What am I gonna do, attack ursena with my purple heroes? Hate hate hate. Kunchen is a good tank but I find he’s only a problem if he’s accompanied by Alberich or MN. Otherwise, slow healer tank I don’t care. But ursena is troublesome. You just don’t want to bring strong color against her. It’s totally ill advised. And if you can’t kill her before she fires, she does about 500 damage to each of your heroes. Now every single one of your heroes is within sniping range, so Kingston or alasie will be murdering your guys from the wings while drake and grave are abusing your heroes from the flanks. Hate hate hate.


All of them are punishing on bad boards. All of them can be beat with good boards. It’s the ones that are most punishing on average boards that are top, and that depends a lot on the heroes available to bring against them and the support heroes they have beside them.

My roster is somewhat limited and lacking in mana controllers, which may be why Onatel gives me such problems. Although to be fair I find her even worse as flank. Kunchen + Onatel = pain :rofl:


Maybe next time dressed Isarnia, Vivica, Richard and Justice (if there will be a costume) have to be added.

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