GRETEL Abilities

Just received Gretel, in the seasonal summons.
Any advice on how best to use her???

Good mana control hero to use in a yelllow stack on raids and challenge events. Doesn’t hit hard, but that doesn’t matter. Her benefit is delaying a special on tough opposing hero or boss as the rest of the team tries to kill them. Not as good as Hansel, but underappreciated. Just have to use her correctly.


I quite like Gretel myself, even though Hansel is the better hero. Differences are that she is yellow, a color that lacks many good heroes in the 4* rarity. Average speed is a downside, but she hits 3 with her skill – although the nearby enemies get hit for weak damage. Also note that only her target gets the Spell Slayer ailment, not the nearby ones.

Her appeal though is the same as Hansel; you can shut down enemy special attacks by using her Spell Slayer status ailment. Target an enemy hero that is close to charging their special skill, then make matches under them; even if they’re off-color, their mana bar will fill but spell slayer will damage them and their mana will be reduced by half.

Another benefit – aside from the damage with Spell Slayer – is that you’re also clearing out the board from bad colors that you don’t need without getting punished by enemy skills :slight_smile:

It’s really fun to use her like this. See this thread for an e.g. with Hansel – Note how Wormwood targets enemies close to filling their mana bars, and makes weak / off-color matches under them.

P.S. please note that Merlin and Hansel/Gretel do not stack their status effects. Target different heroes, if you use both together.

P.S. 2 – Note that the talent Manashield can resist this ailment. Also note that Miki resists Hansel/Gretel! Although he’s not very common on defense teams, this is good knowledge to have in case you raid him.


I maxed her mainly because of Ancient Tiger Titan (red, so no Hansel). She is still useful in stacks because she hits hard with normal attacks. I imagine she would really shine against Dark Lord if you didn’t beat him yet. Maybe also against Ursena (btw I hope S3 won’t have something dark as final boss).

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I really like Gretel. I have maxed 2, and emblem’d 1 of them. I think her main shining spot is titans. Being able to stop whatever the titan will throw at you has been wonderful. Until I recently maxed Joon, my purple Titan team was Miki, Poseidon, Vivica, Gretel, Gretel. Between Miki and 2x Gretel, the Titan never got their special attack off.

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Thanks all for the advice on Gretel and the rest (=

Love Gretel.

Her special % is low but mana control is nice and attack stat is awesome for tile damage. Higher than many you wouldn’t think she’d be higher than.

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