A mana staller team not using holy heroes

Does anyone know of a good line up to stall or take away mana that does not employ holy heroes? I do have Proteus but the only other heroes I currently have that take away mana are all holy. Who should I be on the lookout for that isn’t holy and takes away mana?

Some elements have their unique abilities. Holy mana thief and blindnes. Dark poison. Fire fire attack. There are no other mana thieves. Gretel, Hansel Merlin only blocking using thier special skills. Hell and Proteus blocking mana charging.

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Nathalya slows mana…so as Little John

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Natureboy Little John heavily decreases charging for 3 turns.

Direct mana reduction is limited to holy, but tgere are good mana controllers out there, who aren’t yellow.

Hansel and the sorcerer talent may also control mana.

If you can’t reduce and/or control the opponents mana, try to increase your own charging speed with e.g. Lance, Tuck, Ariel, Misandra, Khagan or sb like that.

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I intend on maxing out the sorcerer tree on Gill-Ra to fully get the potential for that talent. I will be on the lookout for the heroes listed. My rng with five star heroes isn’t exactly the greatest.

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Depends on what you have:

Mitsuko / Hel / LJ / Merlin / Hansel / Proteus / B Wolf / Alasie

Most of them are Atlantis, HoTM or event heroes except LJ


@AirHawk Yeah, my luck with five stars in general let alone the event/HoTMs heroes is in the toilet so to speak. The only viable one I can count on getting fairly soon is Little John as I can get him from training camps. Tbh, I am enjoying using Proteus in the very fast specials tournament. I am enjoying this new playstyle I have been doing with Proteus and Chao in general gameplay.

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Hansel is awesome for mana control :slight_smile: (green 4*)

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Proteus / Alasie / Hel / Hansel / Merlin

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Hansel (the ailment will cut 50% mana as soon as the mana bar hit 100%)


There are other heroes who do not cut mana but slow it down or block it completely.

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