GTV rainbow or ...?


my defense center currently is:

GM+11, Telluria+6, Vela+15

who should go to the wings and why?

Joon+9, Sartana+9, Evelyn+14, Frida+11,Vivica(costume available)+7 other options: Lianna+0, Richard+0, Marjana+0, Leonidas+0

what yould you suggest and why?

  • rainbow? (Sartana and Joon)
  • Aoe and elemental defdown +useful elemental links (Evelyn (heals Telluria) or Frida (protects Vela against green)

other ideas of defense optimization?

  • Vivica and Telluria in same defense?

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I don’t want to open a new thread as this is basically my question too.
I have the same core with gm, tell, vela. Wondering who would be best to wing them?

  • Seshat (10)
  • Clarissa (could be instantly leveled to max) and drop tel for Guin
  • Poseidon 3-70 (got the darts but also have Kingston (11))

Basically either
Seshat GM Tel Vela Poseidon
Seshat/Clarissa GM Guin Vela Kingston

Or don’t play rainbow.

Rainbow generally is best imo. Sartana and Joon make perfect sense to me. Additionally, both being fast will be a great asset. Double color with the tank is usually a bad idea so I’d say Evelyn is a definite no. Frida is great, but I’d prefer the faster option.


Your first option is one of the best rainbows possible right now. I’d see no reason to run any other at the moment. Seshat and Poseidon are great wings.

Ty for your feedback mate


Because when you stack colors in defense it leaves glaring weakness that is easily countered

Depending on who your opponents typically are probably tho

Gm does extra damage vs green and hits 3
Mitsuko reflects all blues
Zeline does extra damage vs blues

Etc etc etc

So sure not doubling color in front 3 can help deter mono tiles killing 2 of the same color.

Color stacked wings can still be a big weakness.

It’s always nice when i can focus specials on 3 other heroes cause the 2 blues someone used with telluria are irrelevant when mitsuko is up


Thank for your answer @rigs. And no place for lovely Vivica (e.g. costumed) with brutal Telly in same team? (Viv instead of Joon?)

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I would go costumed joon

If you’re goin to use costumed vivica, she’s tank or nothing in my opinion but i feel that way with just about every non resurrecting slow hero

Otherwise they’re just a safe space to dump tiles

And sure cant dump many tiles in a wing which can even further limit their impact

Likelihood of her d down or heals coming into play to change the match are pretty slim. By the time she fires from wing the match is already decided one way or the other.

Whereas a fast wing can make a difference earlier on


I would do Sartana and Joon, his costume if you have it but if not regular Joon still works

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Okay will try 20 times

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