Guin or Onatel full ascend

Below is all my heroes. I can only full ascend for now Onatel or Guin. I use Onatel almost in all my teams cause I don’t have snipers. What do you think?

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The queen and not the seer.

Always the Queen first. :blush:


Onatel seems to be one of your defenders and your defense looks quite good.

Guin would wait if I was you…

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I’ll put a vote in the ring for Guin first.

Just had the same dilemma. and I chose Guin.

I just don’t get Onatel…she’s weak. Guin on the other hand: a PITA!

I have an attack problem. If I ascend quin I cant use her on my raids cause I won’t have attack power at all. I can’t ascend Magni (miss capes). So I am going to ascend Chao and caedmon and scarlet to add firepower. But as I read quin is good for defense team and Onatel a medium all around. In my potition which will be your raid team and which your defend? And finally is Guin so good at 4.80?

You can still use Guin on attack and why not?

Lacking offensive power but she heals her flanks and mana cuts all your opponents to slow down their charge while your team charges up. She is very much viable for offense. She is just mainly lacking in tile damage which could made up for by her allies and possibly the jinx effect.

Can Guin match with Onatel in an attack team and remove boldtusk or buddy?

Potentially yes as both Onatel and Guin does not interfere with each other.

Guins cuts mana directly while Onatel steals mana. They both synergize with each other in stopping the enemy from ever casting. Both are also average mana.

Guin Aeron Onatel for center… :sunglasses:

You mean Ariel cause I don’t have aeron

Ok, but a dark between two holy or vice versa will make a sturdy center. One healer left wing and a right wing to test several options. A healing tank like Aeron offers the possibility of two fast sniping wings or additional utility like revive, mana block or faster mana charge.

Ariel should be flanked by at least one fire hero due to being weak against the opponents stack against her.

which level of cups do you raid? I suppose Platinum. In Platinum Onatel is a good tank and if you need firepower she is better pick.

I can’t stay in diamond for long time they drop me back to platinum. So my goal is for diamond but don’t know if my heroes or a proper line setup are worth for diamond

Onatel will keep you in platinum… I have her flanked with Rigard and Tiburtus. She is really good. If you want to keep in Diamond then you are going to have to max more 5*

I use the queen and the seer. They’re a good team, especially when class ascended. I WISH I had Guinevere, but you gotta work with what you got.

I can easily stay in platinum with the line I have. The goal is to go for diamond where is better loot. So i guess Guin and If I get the staff to ascend Magni or frida to 4.80

Without thinking too much you just 5x maxed 5* heroes, you should be able to maintain at least in the low diamond trophy level.

Thank you all. I ll go with Guin. Hope to pull a green or red 5* and some capes for Magni or frida :slight_smile:

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