Just maxed Seshat now what?

Finally finished leveling Seshat but should I change my current lineup of GM-Magni-Guin-Kunch-Joon?

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I would love to try GM-Seshat-Guin-Kunch-Magni. And if it doesn’t work it’s easy to go back.


Two heroes of the same color of the tank is ALWAYS suboptimal, and two heroes of the opposite color of the tank (expecially dark/holy) is ALWAYS the only choice besides rainbow.

Whatever you do, take away that Joon.

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Gravey Guin Kunch Joon Sesh

This. This sounds like a nightmare to fight.

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Why? Why Joon would be that worst than Magni on the wing?

(Generally speaking… not if someone has already a yellow in the mix)

I’m not Elpis, but given op has multiple purple and yellow on defense and wants to add Seshat, Joon is the weakest link and the same color as Guin which is two strikes against him.

Magni on wing isn’t ideal, but it does prevent a pure purple/yellow defense.


I’m trying this now. Seems to be doing ok so far

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Imho go

Joon seshat, guin, gm, magni

Guin, kunchen is pretty easy to beat imho. Loads of space to unload tiles without punishment. Gm and seshat on flank will start hurting opponents right from the start.

Double yellow will invite purple tiles on seshat. And seshat disspels. And you have 4 fast hitters while guin buys time.

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With your current defense, it would make no difference.

Already a top notch lineup. At most just swap Magni with Seshat.

You might want to considering changing Joon for an AOE hitter.

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