Future Defensive Team

Currently run Blue tanks for war. Obviously future tank will be Guin, but what should I work on or who should I wait for. I’m hoping for Sartana or Marjana from TC20.image image image image

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Well based on what you have, probably the below:

MN - Misandra - Kunchen - Guin - Elena

I would replace MN with Albi if the opportunity arises. His skill is just fantastic for the mana buff.
MN however has high survivability to launch her skill.

I’m curious why your chose Kutchen as tank over guin?

Besides Kunchen’s ability to totally mess up the opponent with his heal/cleanse all and defense debuff all enemies. It is his ability to survive 3-match yellow from a mono yellow team.
It takes 4 tiles to bring him down with mono yellow.

Guin on the other hand, takes the normal 3-match tile to kill her with mono purple.
You also dont suffer much from Guin even if you get a less than good board. At most you lose some mana and she gets HoT and purple defense.

On the other hand, with Kunchen you will suffer if he gets to fire would mean that his whole team seems like a fresh new team while you get a horrible def debuff and their whole team will get to smack you with extra damage.

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I could see that working. There is a lack of firepower though running three healers. Maybe I swap MN for Evelyn when fully ascended?

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Ah that’s refreshing and awesome to hear. No guin for me but I gotta Kutchen waiting for a few more mats.

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