Guardian Panther: is she really that much better than Cheshire Cat for titans?

Cheshire Cat or Guardian Panther.

I admit, I tried pretty hard to get Guardian Panther during this event - I got lots of other things, inlcuding two Mikis (not sure yet how I feel about him, I use almost no slow mana heroes) but no Panther.

Now I’ve put some more thought into Guardian Panther, I realise the main reason I wanted her was for the Holy debuff, which I would really use only for titans… but I get a pretty decent one from the Cheshire Cat as well, and I already have him.

My question: when using a monocolour team against titans, is Panther so much better than CC that I should try to get her again? My feeling is “no”… but I might just be trying to console myself.

Their special skills works together, so no need to take CC out with Panther.

Panther : Holy defense debuf
CC : defense debuff on Holy enemy
Titan annihilation :rofl:


I did NOT think they stacked!


Elemental defense debuff and normal defense debuffs are seperate abilities, so they stack and can cause extreme damage to titans… That’s why everyone uses both, if they have. :slight_smile:

For example, CC/Tiburtus+Panther, Wilbur/Gormek+Falcon, Athena/Grimm+Frida, etc. :slight_smile:


Thought at first that CC was an elemental debuffer too, as his special skill is confusing when read fast
He would be much more valuable if he was.

But reality is often disappointing :wink:


Alright, that changes things for me…I’ll probably try again :smiley:

Please don’t overspend though… Try to stick to your budget before you regret it. :slight_smile:


Good luck! Looks like she’ll once again be “the one that got away” for me.

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If you care about doing well on Titans, Miki is amazing. He’ll actually do more for you on Titans than Panther would, and he’ll be well suited to all but Rare Ice Titans.

I found him highly effective in Beta, even without Mana Pots, despite being Slow.

If you mind his speed, feeding him Mana is a viable option on Titans. But it’s really not necessary for high scores with him, using Mana just means you can get insanely high scores with him.


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