Dumb question on Guardian Panther

Is it because she’s too low level, my purple bench blows, or both, because I’ve been kinda unimpressed by her.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the kitty queen, but… I can’t say it’s been too great thus far. Then again, raid RNG hates her, so she tends to drop like a pile of bricks a lot. I have the mats to take her to 4/80, but I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong.

I also have a 2/60 Quintus, 3/60 Cheshire Cat, 3/60 Ameonna, but barely think those are worth mentioning.

Side note, I had to learn the hard way to blow Panther BEFORE Wilbur, not after. Oops.

Like all 5*s shes best when fully ascended. If her special is maxed shes decent at 3.70. But to get the best out of her elemental debuffer you need another dark hitter like Tibs for instance. Fire her first then Tibs and you can do some serious damage. Definitely worthy of the tabbards.


Alas Tiburtus has eluded me thus far. Maybe someday my prince will come.

She has low defense. 3/57 means she’s fragile as glass.


Maybe it’s because lack of 1-2 punch?


@KLinMayhem yeah she is

@yelnats_24 there is that too. Merlin isn’t the most amazing follow-up ever.

Alright, yeah I suspected as much, but it’s always nice to get confirmation. Thanks all.

Why do people believe Guardian Panther needs to be at 4-80, but other elemental debuffers such as Evelyn and Frida work fine at 3-70? Is it because Panther is more fragile then the others mentioned at 3-70 or her elite attack stat when at 4-80? I’m curious bc I pulled Panther and I’m planning on giving her tabards, but wondering why the difference in opinion when her stats are similar to Evelyn. Thanks

Guin is not an easy enemy and she is almost everywhere as a tank. That’s why u need powerful fast purple to counter her. Panther is one of the rarest hero that can debuff guin elemental buff. By bring her to 4.80 she will be more surviveable.

Remember guin usually almost accompanied by GM. GM can kill ur weak team faster, if panther died early, the battle will become more ugly


Not that I have an Evelyn, but I did max ascend Panther and have a 3/70 Frida. Since I posted my original complaint, my Panther crested 4/60 as of yesterday, and yes, she really is that squishy before the 4th ascension.

A dead Panther does nothing and is just sad times.

Frida is comparatively better at surviving because she has 600ish defense at 3/70. Panther doesn’t get there until around 4/50 or so.

Edit: 3/70 Evelyn has 599 defense, 3/70 Frida has 607 defense. 3/70 Panther has… 529. That’s a problem. That’s less than a 4/70 Grimm, if only just, and Grimm isn’t renowned for his durability.

Now that I can rely on slightly more than dumb luck regarding her surviving to fire, she’s pretty great. Not the heaviest hitter in my arsenal, but a versatile hero that works in a cascade squad, decently as a dispeller, and good at setting up for a purple hitter to finish. Currently only have Merlin as a “finisher” but I do have a Quintus and Obakan waiting in the wings. Might not be terrible.


Max out Panther has been covered, but you have 2 healers and a passive special like riposte. Sartana, Kage, Tibby…any purple striker will showcase that elemental defense drop better.

On that note, I have a 2/60 Quintus and just pulled an Obakan from my TC 20. I currently have no tabards and was planning on waiting, but I’m leaning toward Obakan for the trap tools due to him having the same speed special as Panther.

Both Quintus and Obakan have pretty similar stats, so it comes down to their specials as far as I can tell.


Digging this thread up for other reasons, but just to give an update to the archive searchers:

Got Obakan to 3/70 and while both him and Panther are the glassiest of cannons, they do form a decent 1-2 punch that typically craters the target and can occasionally nuke the flanks if fortune favors. In the interim, I pulled not just Tiburtus… who ended up being benched for Gafar… who ended up being benched for Seshat… so still on the road to finding a good partner to follow up a Panther opening, but now I’m spoiled for choice. So the last question of “Quintus or Obakan” kinda stopped being relevant, but in the interim, I got a decent chunk of advice making arguments for either side. Obakan is a less effective hero in general but a better pair to Panther, whereas Quintus is more versatile but harder to combo.

Just leaving a bread crumb for those who might follow after me. Thanks all.

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FWIW, I like Panther+Hel, provided Hel has a L23 mana troop under her to get her down to 9 tiles. Panther+Thoth also works surprisingly well. Seshat will be nice with her, too, although it’s a bit of a waste, seeing as both debuff. Sartana hits harder and leaves that nasty poison.


The moral of the story is Panther works well with a buddy, not by herself, and certainly not by herself at 3/52.


Seshat is the best 5* purple I have after Panther, so she’s currently the best option, especially because sometimes I don’t cup drop and actually play to my bench’s strength and have to face Guinevere a lot, so every little bit helps. OH CRUD MY FOOD IS ON FIRE I GOTTA GO I GUESS WHATEVER I WAS SAYING ISN’T IMPORTANT BYE.

But yes, there are better options than Seshat. :wink: But Quintus, Obakan, and Domitia (TC20 pull) aren’t among them. :stuck_out_tongue: