Guardian Kong vs JF

So with Guardian Kongs recent update, what do folks think about him (defensively and offensively) as opposed to Jean Francois? Still average mana but hits harder (than he used to) and dispels status ailments.


I think they complement quite well.

I am levelling JF right now, but I hope I will get Guardian Kong during next event, I didn’t get Azlar costume (which makes him more durable and easier to be used with JF, as there’s less risk to overwrite each other’s burns).

As my other two reds are Zim and Anzogh (supporting cast is Wilbur-BT-Falcon), I would like to go on the path of AoE, with JF taking the place of BT. Then I would like another AoE and Guardian Kong would fit perfectly


I was considering eventually swapping JF out of my defense for Kong but not sure yet :thinking:

I feel a bit sorry, I just gave rings to JF week ago. Kong was one of my other opinions.

Well, there is always next time. He seems to be doll now with buff. That he became cleanser was surprise to me.


Fits nicely with his theme though, ie. Cleansing Fire.

As for using him on defense, I don’t know, he is a bit squishy (though a few emblemed defense nodes might remedy that) and cleansing is something that requires proper timing. On offense he is killer now though. Personally I’ll go Kong before JF when I’ll get the rings, but I am planning to use him mostly on attack (and in 8-7).


Depends on your defens set up and emblems availability.

GK would benefit from having a healer in team, but with some emblems of defense he may not need one.

For what regards using them in defense, I see the dispel more practical than the def down flip: that needs more timing to be effective.
E.G.: if Kunchen shoots before JF, there’s nothing to do, you’ll have def down for 4 turns.
If Kunchen shoots before GK, possibly you’ll have to suffer some added damage, but if at some point GK fires, you’ll get back to normal (even just one turn without the def debuff is nice).

To cut it down, I would most likely use none of them in defense, but if I have to, then I would prefer an emblemed GK. If no emblems at all for both, then JF

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I think JF might still be better on D, but Kong on offence now is lovely! Cleanse is such a beautiful thing. Needs a couple of defense nodes, but then going attack might be the smarter play.


Indeed, Kong on offense was already effective but he’s now a monster and more useful than just a straight damage dealer.

I still wouldn’t/won’t have him on defence, but he’s certainly worth ascending for everyone else!


JF on defense
GK on offense

I give him some emblems to increase his def ( 641 Node 9 )

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Didn’t chase JF as I had Kong who is much better in my opinion. High att, stack with Wilbur and Falcon on offense.
On defense, hiding behind Telluria and wait to sweep all the enemy out.


I’m considering kong and have JF maxed already. Any thoughts on kong vs Tyre? My red team now is Boldtusk Falcon Anzogh Marjana and JF. I’m thinking with his new skill and the guardian buff, kong could fit in well.

I like Tyre too. I would appreciate some opinions.

Boldtusk, Falcon. Anzogh and Kong combo means complete destruction in mono red attack. If JF or Marjana is holding up well in your defence, Tyr can wait imho

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I leveled up Kong quite some time ago and use him regularly. With the new adjustments, he is really great. I just started putting emblems on him and have enough to get him to node 17. My approach is to take the path of health/ defense and pair him with high level fast mana troops. I am hoping that he will work well on a defense team.

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