Which Red to Level

Red five stars, why do you vex me so???

Hey forum, I’m back again asking which red five I should be feeding, as confused as ever. I’ve got the following 5*s all promoted and smiling:

Poseidon (15)

Hel (14)
Ursena (13)

Miki (9)
Richard (Angry Old Man Costume)

Green (AKA, Needz Telluria so baaaad):
Lianna (13)

Zim (16)
Graz (8)

JF seemed like such a no-brainer before, but now…

And yeah, I can’t get healers for the life of me. 50 cracks at Atlantis this round chasing Ariel or Delilah… zero hits.

Help a guy out?

  • Anzogh
  • Azlar
  • Jean-Francois
  • Wait for some unknown future hero
  • Elena
  • Greasy Kong

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Jean has pretty interesting synergy with Grazul (maybe bug)… even with her immunity up, Jean can still flip a defense down to give you defense up. Zo isn’t a bad option either if you have a 23 mana troop but I still think jean is a solid option for you. Good luck.

Alllmost there on the red 23 mana troop. Could promote to 22 right now if I had the food.

Always thought a Wilbur, Bold, Falcon, Mits, Anzogh mono stack would be a fun war team, and I’d have all the pieces. If they survive long enough to charge… look out!

I think you could go with any of them and not really look back :stuck_out_tongue:

Kong, Anzogh & JF have the speed advantage over Elena & Azlar… However Azlar & Elena have a much better attack stat…

JF will be all very handy but doesn’t deal any direct damage… I voted for Kong for this reason as he gives the Ice Buff but does more direct damage (i.e. is a more instant hitter)… However I think that it would be between JF & Kong for me :slight_smile:

JF does more overall damage than Kong but doesn’t do it instantly. JF also has the Invert Defence Debuff effect while Kong has only the Ice Buff that JF has.

The other consideration is Emblems really. JF is Wizard which are currently all on Hel. Kong is Barbarian which seem to be mainly on Miki.

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Your 5* roster has only Grazul as a healer. I’d go with Anzogh if you don’t mind letting JF wait. Also, I see Zim and JF as filling similar roles, and you already have Zim.


I picked Anzogh because you can put him with Zim, Magni, Vela and Richard for a 3/2 (blue/red) stack. ZimKitty’s buff will help the HP gain and Anzogh will be able to keep the rest of the team alive. Just my thought process.

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greasy kong, just for the name, no reason needed.

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Kong for me.

Huge instantaneous damage on AoE, decent attack stat but average mana, something of a sweetspot (Azlar and Elena may be higher but at slow mana may not fire).

Kong is often maligned but ignore the ice defence buff for a moment and you see a hard hitter with average mana… He’s worth the rings, I use mine almost constantly.

The only reason to wait would be if you’re going to pull hard at Avalon - Black Knight is the red MVP (yes, more useful than gravy, IMHO!)

Who hits harder, Anzogh or G. Kong?

Since I don’t know anyone else whose levelled him, if I can ask a favor… How much damage does Kong deal on a rough average both unbuffed and with Falcon and Bold active?

He seems so squishy with a defense in the 500s. Almost like he was built to take on green tanks with blue flanks.

Kong, I guess. 220% vs 215% with a MUCH higher attack stat and ice defense. Lacks Anzoghs survivability and most importantly his heal though.

Kong without question, higher % and higher atk stat.

True… 20% of damage as a heal may be useful, depends how high you can buff the damage to.

I’d have to run it and try - usually stack with BK and Wilbur (sometimes Falcon too) and damage naturally varies depending on how high the beserk gets, it’s also split by spirit link…
This combo can wipe out entire raid defences in one, the damage is colossal.

Worth bearing in mind - if you’re stacking with Falcon, you get a small family defence boost too.

Kong isn’t for defence, but he can be crushingly powerful in attack with the right friends.

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