Guardian Chameleon better or the same?

I am still not seeing how Guardian Chameleon would be any better with 4 turns instead of 3 for element change. Does anyone else find him useful??

I don’t think this really helped him, personally.

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I agree. I haven’t bother leveling him and probably never will.

He’s worse, actually. I think if more people used him, the community would have made clear that the change is not a buff. Because he was the only one besides Telluria and Vela suffering from a nerf, that leads me to believe that the developers think this change is a positive one. It’s not.

Having the color change shorter than the attack buffs allows you to choose when to fire tiles at an opponent. Sometimes you don’t get a choice. That’s RNG. But other times you can strategize your moves to hit the opponent tiles to maximum effect.

This morning, for example, I took G. Chameleon out for one last spin before the changes went into effect. I waited for green Zimkitha to revert back to red before blowing her up with blue tiles. If I’d hit her while green it would’ve left her weak but with a special ready to go off. Because I hit her when she was red, she was a goner.

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He wasn’t good to begin with…now he’s worse.


He does not deal damage, he does not lay buffs that stacks with itself
-there is no defense whatsoever why he isnt changed to fast or…
There is no unbalanced gamechanger in having him repeating his buffs… but what would make him more playable would be for his buffs to come available BEFORE the attackers who could use them gets full mana.

Margaret is very fast and recieved a good Cone damage 150% attack not in line with her 800+ attackvalue <—this is what a buff looks like!!

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