After the update. Which green?

I have all 2 at 70 and Margaret I never even bothered. zeline, Margaret, and tell. Before the nerf I would have gone tel all the way, but honestly, I’m leaving towards Margaret. Very fast, dodge and now cause damage. What is you input? Here is my current green line too

To me Zeline is still relevant and a fantastic hero good to use everywhere. I’d go ahead with her. Telly is worse than Margaret for sure now.

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I’m thinking defense, but Idk where I would put her. I wouldn’t replace Kingston with zeline. I could go with red tank with 2 greens behind Knight. Do I want a dodge or decreased attack? Not sure yet

Yeah, I wouldn’t replace Kingston with any of those then…but double green behind BK could work with Zeline/Kingston and dump Frida. She’s not great without a second blue anyways.


They barely changed her. She’s still the best tank in the game, and a top 5 overall hero.

Margaret, even with her buff, isn’t a top 5 green.


Offense I use Frida and Thorne and that combo fuuuuuuuuuks it up

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LOL, are you high? Barely changed her? She is not good now. My defense is dropping like a rock and I’m 12-0 against +19/20 Telluria tanks today! She is way worse than all the other top tanks (Guin, BK, Ursena, Kunchen, etc). You have a VERY different definition of “barely” than I do. LOL

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I mollywhopped tel all day today lol.

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Good for you?

She’s still the best tank in the game, and still a top 5 hero. Must just mean you’re awesome.

My defense hasn’t lost a single time since the change. Guess I’m on the newb server.

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Thanks, I am awesome.

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In comparison to other tanks i beat them all the time. Telly is still the better and sturdier tank. Its just easier to get ur specials off after she goes off so you never get steamrolled. I would still do telly if your gonna make her a tank or even use on offense. My defense hasnt had a surge in dropping cups. So im not feeling it. I did raid her alot she is easier but still better. They did a great job balancing her.


What’s my downfall against tel is I don’t have a red sniper. I have Knight, khagan, and Elena for 5s reds. It’s tough when you don’t have a sniper when color combo

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I very rarely raid Telly with red. I go mono green, or 4-1 with Malosi. Unless someone just has an awful blue flank, then I might go red.

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Try using greens. I rarely use reds unless vela isnt present.

i guess were on the same frame of thinking today, huh!? Lol

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Telluria, 100%! 9 out of the top 10 Raiders still have her as a tank, and even though I can roll her easier now, she’s still tough!

In my honest opinion, if you need a green tank it’s still Telluria 100%

Depends what your main need is.
If a tank, definitely Tell. Still excellent and one of the best
If Titan damage, probably Margaret

Telluria is still the most used tank in the global top 100. What does that tell you?

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Between this and the guy demanding 20k gems + all mats + hero of his choice as compensation for the balances I don’t know what’s funnier.

To answer OP’s question - Telly is still the #1 tank in the game and for a reason. Unless you already have a fantastic tank and your alliance is not thinking of running green tanks I would go for Telluria any day.

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