Guardian Chameleon VS Gargoyles

So was wondering if Guardian Chameleon or any other Heroes with similar special skill that can dispel undispellable buffs work on Gargoyles stone skin? I know it states that Gargoyles stone skin is undispellable but can Guardian Chameleon dispel it since he can dispel the undispellable?? Has anyone tried using Guardian Chameleon against Gargoyles yet?

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Yes, he is the only hero as of now that can remove those stoneskin buffs


Oh I’m glad there is atleast one hero that can remove their stone skin. Well looks like Guardian Chameleon will be my next hero to lvl up.

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Not just gargoyles, he can remove wolf bonus too. G Cham is quite a valuable hero in this meta

Im glad I got him from summon. I did have a few people tell me Guardian Chameleon is not a good hero an not to lvl him up. But I think his skills are very useful atleast for my game play style. But he is going to be very useful with all these new heros out. Is there another hero like Guardian Chameleon that has a similar skill to dispel the undispellable?

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Nope, he is the only hero as of now to have that kind of dispel. The colour change really means nothing, because it doesn’t matter what colour the enemy changes. 54% attack and 36% crit chance coming from tiles will shred through anything

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:astonished: OH WOW!! So I have a hidden gem in game thats Awesome… So glad I didn’t listen to the other that were saying not to keep or lvl him.

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One of the best support heroes in game. These heroes don’t come by often.
But he does need a little bit of thinking if you’re using him on event challenges. Cause if you colour change an enemy with element reflect, the reflect also changes into the new element as well

Lepiota does too, though sending a Gargoyle to ghost form won’t help your Event time :smiley:

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Oh yeah, forgot about leppy that removes undispellables too. My bad :sweat_smile:

C. Snow White can also dispel their buffs.

Looking back and reflecting on the previous Soul Exchange. Guardian Chamelon available for 10 was a steal. This of course is roster specific and should only consider on roster specific development. Certain heros have amazing future value. But…Guardian Chamelon was the steal!

C. Snow White does not dispel undispellable buffs, so she wouldn’t actually work in this case. I hope this helps clarify :nerd_face:

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I wanted skadi… But a close second was the lizard… Kinda wish i could have gotten both.

He is the only one that can do that to enemy (Gazelle would dispel stoneskin if on your party, but I assume you don’t want to do that). However, if you like preemption, then buff blocker stops it from being applied. So C-Sabina, Mist, Onyx, Lu Bu would stop it.

And Franz for my 20 characters

Chameleon with Eve/Fogg/Bryn, Frigg/Buddy, Tarlak and Rat along with mana is solid against green titans. Except the rare green titans.