Raid Defense - Advice appreciated

So for a long time I was struggling to set up a rainbow defense team due to the lack of a green hero.

For a long time Margaret was my only green. I was semi excited when I pulled Guardian Chamelion in January. I like him, especially for his interesting special effect, but again not a hero i would put on defense. Just 2 days later TC 20 gave me Elkanen, still no A grade hero, but finally someone who could work on my defense.

My current set up is this:

Elkanen has 3 emblems now. Now after the raid tournament has finished i could strip away all emblems from Boril and give them to Elkanen and bring him probably to tier 10. So, should I replace Azlar with Elkanen or keep my defense the way it is. Both are not really idea… Right now my cup count stays usually about 2.5k. I have no other 5* I could give cleric emblems to, but my Rigard (costume) is currently on tier 11 and I think he would also be worth to get full emblems…

Other 5* I own:

Ranvir - no emblems
Magni - 4-78 (wont get emblems bc of Zim)
Frida - no emblems bc of Aegir
Quintus - 3-70 (got the mats but still hoping for sartana, no competition for emblems though)
Leonidas - 3-70 (not enough mats yet, also just got vivica)

Still unleveled / currently leveling:

Personally I would look at maybe running one of the two following defences:

Elkanen -> Zimkitha -> Onatel -> Guardian Panther -> Magni
(I would give Magni +1 at the least so his revive has a CHANCE to kick in… On this he shares emblems with panther not Zim :wink: )

Panther -> Zimkitha -> Aegir -> Onatel -> Elkanen

I personally prefer option 1 as it is more attacking… Aegir is a very passive tank & doesn’t actually do anything to damage/ inhibit the opposition… He’s more an “outlast the enemy” sorta tank… Nothing wrong with them but I personally prefer damage based teams :wink:

I say to give Magni +1 at the least because that will allow his talent to at least have a SHOT at reviving him as he’s fighter class (not druid as you specified on the second post)


You are right, I was mixing things up. I was just thinking, there is one hero on my current defense which he shares the class with. :wink:

Back when I finally got Onatel maxed I was thinking of replacing Aegir as a tank. Decided not because:

  1. In general I prefer has a flank. Aegir protects her well and once charged she recharges quickly, deals damage often while on a harder position to kill
  2. Back then I didn’t had any other 5* maxed so it had to be Aegir and there is no other position he really performs well.

Now I might consider changing it, but still I tend more towards Option 2, also regarding emblems. But I might try it out once I finally find the time to track my raid success a little and get some data on how each team performs.

Thanks for your feedback!

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