Barbarian Tree Advice

Just got Gretel last night and she is gonna be the next hero I give barbarian emblems to after I max out Nordri’s tree (little guy needs all the emblems he can get). Is it safe to say to stop Gretel at +18 or +19? I have Grimm at +19 and he is doing awesome. Just wondering if the same can be said for Gretel as she is the only mana controller for the barbarian trials.

Given she is average speed, there is benefit in taking her to level 19 if you have a mana troop between level 17 and 23, as it makes her a nine tile charge. I cannot see the benefit to taking her to 20, too expensive

The only 4* I took to 20 was Proteus, as he gets a lot of use. Level 19 for the nine tile charge, and level 20 to add more potency to his dot

I can’t think of another 4* I would take to 20

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@Infinite That is a good thing you brought up Proteus as he is sitting at +19 rn as well. You also answered my lingering question I had about that floating around. :joy: Thank you for the advice. :grin:🖒

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