Any advice on my team?

So far, in 3+ months of playing I managed to get these 4* heroes (no 5* ATM):

Sir Lancelot: 4/70
Grimm: 3/60
Tiburtus: 3/60
Little John: 3/21
Chao: 1/2 (got him yesterday from an elemental pull)

I have 5 capes, 5 trap tools, 7 shields and 9 orbs, so I’m able to ascend all of them, but for now I need a good healer to replace my Belith. Anyway
I think I’ll ascend Grimm 'cause he really helps me, in raids, against titans…wherever.
LJ and Chao are not that bad IMO, but I won’t ascend them for the moment.

Sooo what pull to do next? Green? Yellow? Purple?

Any other thoughts?


Grimm is one of the better 4*.
I personally would save for a better Green or Yellow. TIB is pretty good too. I’d would try for another green though for sure and maybe another yellow.

If you need a healer, purple probably is your best bet (2 out of 4 are full healers) with green second (Kashrek heal only nearby while Melendor all).

Honestly, in your shoes i probably do red (hoping for Boldtusk, but even the others are good).

Tibertus and Grimm are two of three Ramming Pulverizer trio (Gormek is the third). Extremely useful skill. They don’t stack, though, but having both is handy—you can always have one (or both) on titans: leave Grimm out against green and Tibertus against purple. Grimm has 5*-grade attack stats, someone I use daily in raiding even with good 5* options. Tibertus is more balanced, probably better than Grimm on defense.

Chao is meh. Unfortunately the 4* alternatives aren’t much better aside from the almighty Wu Kong. Li Xiu is probably better on defense than Chao, but Chao isn’t bad on offense, where you can deploy his mana reduction intelligently. Paired with Little John, he could be a real pain.

I agree with the idea of purple pulls. Tibertus is a solid hero, so it’s not that you need to replace him, but purple has a better chance of a healer than other colors. Sabina would be great for your team, as you have no debuffer (Sonya, Caedmon, and Melendor being the other three 4* debuffers).