Grimble, quintus or obakan

Currently have Materials to level up grimble, quintus or obakan. Should I bother with any of them? I have Domitia costumed, jabberwock and an ursena at max level. Any advice appreciated but I don’t see any use for any of them but have nothing better (wait for Halloween?)

If I wait are any of these 4 stars worth working on (I need a purple project)
Stonecleave, boomer or Cyprian (I have proteus, gafar, costumed rigard and Tiberius already)


Wow. They’re not really strong choices at 4 or 5 star levels

If you have a level 23 mana troop perhaps Grimble, as the meta is heavy in minions over next few months. The recent partial demise of Telly doesn’t really help his use case

To be honest I would probably just do off colour feeding with purples until you get something worthy, unless you like the Grimble idea

I really don’t know how long Tel will be around. There seem to be fewer Tel defences in diamond arena, but the alliance we just faced had 27 tel defences (flanked by double reds - so Vel was effectively assassinated). And these guys open up a can of whopp ■■■ on us. The defences were STRONG.

So I would guess Tel be around in one form or another for a while yet. And against her, Grimble is pretty damn good. I run him with C Rig, C Tib, C Quintus and Proteus. If Tel casts first then I can use Grimble he fills up C Quintus and then its an instant win. I’ve had far more wins with my purple stack than losses against Tel defences (although I haven’t matched up against the very elite defences, just the close-to-top ones)

So my vote is for Grimble… but only if you can include a powerful slow mana hero like Alfrike with him (or a slow of another color). Your powerful purples are average speed too so the use case is not great with them

As said above, we’ve got a heavy minion meta coming up in Dec. I’ve chosen to level up Grimble because of this. I now have him at +1. I dont know which path to follow with him, so I’ll wait to emblem him up more until I find out what others have done.

The fact that he’s avg is a good thing as I don’t want to set him off before some minions are out there. He’s pretty good with the 235% dmg without minions out there to devour, so I imagine he will be excellent against a minion heavy opponent. I haven’t seen much for minion foes as of yet, but they’re coming and I’m ready! :wink:

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