Case for Quintis

Hi everybody.

I have a quintis sitting in my roster at 1-1.

He seems quite useless to me.
Damage only nothing else and slow.
No costume.

I have though:
No purple heroes to level and 23 Tabards.
Almost forgot edit:
992 emblems

Here are my other purple heroes:

Should I or shouldn’t I make the investment?

Thank you for your opinion

I have seen many using him successfully in rush. If you also have tomes and d blades, why not?!


I think that if you’re not doing a lot of pulls, you can get some mileage out of Quintus. With your glut of materials, I’d go ahead and do him. Even if a better one comes along, you haven’t really put yourself behind.

If you have a shortage of either damascus blades or tomes, however, I’d hold onto my mats.

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Grimble is best when paired with slow, powerful heroes. I use Quintus with Grimble to mash minion teams. Really effective against Freya and/or Bera.

Get that mana troop to 23 and give it to Grimble so he can charge in 9 tiles, ideally just after minion generator fires


Not sure it’s worth… my Quintus hasn’t seen action in a very long time… yellow tank wars are a thing of the past, he’s not making it into purple mono, not even in vf wars. Unless some amazing yellow tank turns the tides, I doubt Quintus will ever get field time.


Cancel that! Just moments ago…


Guess he heard me!


I had no one else to level and plenty of mats. I leveled mine. Used him for the first real time today in rush war. Nothing spectacular. But glad I leveled him.


He’s mediocre and deserves a buff like since 1 year ago. Yet I have one maxed with costume at +20 emblems and he’s usable like that but he could do better for a slow hero (not mentioning costume bonus +20 emblems and still being kinda weak).