Which team looks better?

Just pulled grimble from ha10. Which team looks better to you? I have a Mana troop at 23 for purple so he will be quicker then quintess so idk. What you guys think?

I’ve got Grimble and I rarely use him in defense. Even if Quintus is slow, I consider him a bigger threat than the gnome.

They both deal 235 damage and if I already have zeline doing the damage down, would it just make sense to have a faster purple?

I don’t know which path you followed with Quintus, and although both deals 235%, you have to take into account their attack stats.

Grimble has 615, which is pretty low.
C. Quintus has 804 without emblems.

That’s practically 200 points of difference. The ailment of Quintus, even though that is the same as Zeline’s, is more annoying that Grimble’s ability unless there are so many minion makers.

I’d sacrifice the speed in this particular case.

Grimble IMHO is a niche hero and I wouldn’t put him on defense. He is awesome vs minions and his special needs to be well timed. The AI is not known for good timing :thinking:.

Sounds good. You think he’s even worth using mats on then? Is he worth changing anyone out on my mono purple attack team?

If you don’t have c. Gormek or Skadi, then Grimble worth the mats. Besides, in a offensive mono purple team with C. Rigard and c. Tiburtus, Grimble can be more dangerous.

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Thanks, appreciate it

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