Grimble, Bera, or Quintus

Dear All

I need advice for my purple team. Currently I have Kunchen, alfirke, domitia, clarissa level max and some purple heroes in the process level up . I’m confused about which hero worth for tabard. The choices is Grimble (3/70), Quintus, Bera, Mok arr, and Obakan.

Thanks for the advice

One of the new war features being tested involves minions. So I’d wait for that to see if grimble is suddenly much more useful.

Even in that case I think Bera will be better.

Plus it’s the only one he spelled correctly in the title, so clearly she’s preferred.


edited :slight_smile:

We will see on Bera. Currently, I find Grimble to be more annoying than Quintus. Though if Q fires, it really hurts (especially if you get def debuff). Bera is probably more or less useful depending on what else you have. C. Rigard is better if you have him, and that’s on the merits but also focusing in on price to level and price to emblem. I’d rather max two of him than one Bera. That’s just me though.

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