Gregorian, Elk or Kadilian: who is better?

Just as it sounds. I know that all 3 are legacy heroes, but they are what I have and I am low on green. Who would you recommend to be the better hero?


Gregorian. Generally OK in raids and would be a pretty good boost against titans.

Elk and kadilen are underwhelming without costumes

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Thanks, that is kind of what I was thinking too. But I don’t encounter Gregorian in raids or wars very often as I do the other 2.

Gregorian being much harder too get is likely the cause there

Greg isn’t great on defense due to the average mana. That’s why Lianna and Kingston normally get the nod over him.

Kadilin if u have the costume. Costume kadilen is a lifesaver and game changer.

If no costume then go to gregorion.

Elkanen can be fed either to kadilen or gregorion.

Sorry to disagree here. Yes mana speed average is kind of “slow” but +crit chance is the best buff you can get for defence as it works for slash attacks.

Yes it’s random…the whole game is random.

I have seen so many times screenshots from team mates going up like 200 cups overnight when putting up Greg. He is likely underestimated by the attacker…he is a beast on defense.

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Good point VB. He was my first green 5 star and a fixture on my defense. Now that I pulled Frigg, my trophies stay high. But honestly if I had maxed Lianna, Kingston or Greg, Greg would be my last choice. And Lianna is much easier to obtain via TC 20.


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