Gregorion VS Lianna

Hi guys,

I’m in doubt which of the two I should ascend. Both are 3/70 right now and I have finally gotten the tonics.

My roster looks like this:
Blue - Alasie, Sonya, Grimm, kiril
Green - Hansel, Melendor, Greg, Lianna
Red - Gormek, Marjana, g. Falcon, colen
Yellow - justice, Vivica, Wu, chao
Purple - khiona, Rigard, Tiburtus, merlin, cyprian

I was thinking khionas attack buff could be very impressive in combination with gregorions crit buff, but of course Lianna is a fast mana hero so is also very strong next to khiona.

I prioritize wars/pvp above the titan - and the special of Greg already works fine at 3/70 for the titan of course. So I’m kind of leaning towards ascending Lianna.

What would you do?

Both are good. I like Lianna better for war/raids.

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I originally was going to say Lianna because Gregorians crit is just as useful at 3/70, but you already know that (which I hadn’t quite finished reading at that point). Honestly, Gregorian will be more helpful for events, Lianna for everyday raiding. Since Gregorian can still be useful at 3/70, and since Lianna doesn’t quite fulfill her potential until maxed, I’d go Lianna.


Lianna. She’s a top-5 hero in the game, deservedly so. Fast mana, huge hit. No fuss, only dead bodies.

Greg’s crit is a nice plus, especially on titans, but I would happily take back the tonics I gave him to power up my Lianna (acquired after ascending Greg).


Hands down Lianna. You won’t ever regret it. :blush:


one more vote for Liana!


Two more.



I vote for Lianna as well :slight_smile:

Here’s a very helpful video from Anchor about your question: Gregorion vs Lianna hero grades for Empires And Puzzles - YouTube


Personally, I prefer Gregorian because he is more beneficial for my team. What does the rest of your team look like?

I don’t have Albi nor Guin nor GM. All I have is one tough tank and 4 fast shooters. :joy:

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Who are your shooters?

Alasie-Lianna-Ares-Drake-Sartana :blush:

If you already have Alaise and Sartana, I’d go with Gregorian because his crit can be extremely helpful. He helps everyone while Lianna does her own thing. Gregorian, Alaise, Ares, Drake, Santana. Try that formation.

Nah. Ares alone for the critical is good enough. I like the fast killls.

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The rest of my roster is in the first post of the topic.

To all others: thank you for your opinion! I think I’ll go with Lianna.

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