About to switch tank element 🦊

We are on the verge to switch to green tanks, we do fine with our current lineup, holding opponents under 5k points 80% of the time and scoring above 5k 50%, so all good. Will be happy with feedback from the community too. We will have 8 telluria tanks, horghall c, brynhild+20, kashreks etc. Has anyone done the switch lately to green tanks and what’s your experience and opinion on my no holy idea? Thx in advance! :fox_face:

Going to tank with greens is the way to go at the moment while for the no-holy idea it just depend on who your holy heroes may be :slight_smile:

Without knowing what holy heroes you have I can just say that your team would make it hard for the attackers once they would run out of red heroes.

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We just got the usual sniper stuff on the holy side, nothing that will be missed imo, a few Neith too :confused: We have great green heroes, many kingston, kadilen etc, so double green with strong ones on flank between them is an option. im generally a fan of 4 or even 3 color defenses and we wont miss holy too much. A few Malosi will be done soon i guess, dont know his value on defense.

Since some of our defenses will be minion heavy, taking away from possible minion killers like grimble or CoD with green tank/none holy lineups should be a small + too. :thinking:

Haven’t switched myself, but I’ve definitely noticed more alliances rocking green tanks recently. Green seems to have developed a pretty strong tank line up across the 4* and 5* range over the past few months and recent costume releases for Kashhrek, Kadilen and Elkanen have helped even more, which is traumatic because my red roster is terrible! Kashhrek alone being a TC hero and such a good 4* tank really helps make it a more accessible tank color for a lot of alliances.

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Yes, green was never an option, but tell changed that totally. We have some great support too for her with Freya, puss, vela, JF etc. After calling on the change an 8th telluria emerged and costume kashrek too. I think in our range of opponents we will be hated :smile:

With no holy you try to load up on heroes that encourage enemy to bring Rigard — Telluria, Vela, Gravy, etc.

@vanZille Prefer to include ailment heroes like Gravemaker on defense. Unless they have costume Caedmon, Zimkitha, etc. they’re encouraged to bring Rigard. As general strategy to make them run out of Rigards, with the plus that Rigard stares at a defense with no yellow.

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dont get it? if i have those heroes i bring them anyway to war regardless what i face? whats your thought on that, having no holy encourages that? Late in Vienna, maybe 2 non-native speakers meeting :thinking: :beer: :laughing:

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