Green team question - Jack or Gadeirus or Kashhrek or Little John or 2nd Caedmon

Right now when I use a mono team I use Caedmon +6, Tarlak 3.70, Margaret 2.60, Jack O’hare 3.60 and Melondor +6. I have 7 shields now so I’m planning on bringing someone up. I have unleveled Gaderius, Kershek, Little John, and 2nd Caedmon. Should I ascend Jack or level up one of the other ones.

IMO, Jack O’Hare.
Green priority so far IMO:
Hansel, Buddy, Peters, Caedmon, Melendor, Jack O’Hare, Gadeirus, Little John, Skittleskull, Kashhrek, Gobbler (?).

Jack has good attack stat (for titan and stacking colors), and good at defense raid.

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I would max Gadeirus. He gives you a nice attack boost and pairs well with Tarlak. I don’t know much aboutJack O’ Hare though


I would upgrade Little John now, then Gadeirus.
Can anybody write attack-defense-life points for Melendor at 2-50 and 3-60? Please, it will be so helpful )

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